Long Black

$4.00 · 2 Reviews

Add this coffee bar in International Plaza to your Wishlist for your next caffeine run. The beans are roasted by the same guys behind Community Coffee, so expect excellent stuff. Currently made with a Guatamalan blend in the hopper, the Long Black ($4) gets our stamp of approval. Those who prefer a milder flavour will appreciate the White ($4.50) with a smooth finish. Coffee's takeaway-only, so bring your own tumblers!
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

A short walk outdoors along 7-Eleven in International Plaza leads you to this new coffee stop, painted in a you-can’t-miss-it blue. Drinks are takeaway only, so make it here after work for the excellent black made with a Guatemalan blend. White’s tasty too, but it was a tad too mild for me so if you like your coffee strong, get an extra shot!