Crabmeat Pasta

$25.00 · 8 Reviews

I had the red crabmeat pasta and it turned out rather disappointing, especially after I read some really good reviews of this dish on burpple before visiting. I felt that while the crabmeat portion served was decent and the linguine was done perfectly al dente, what was disappointing was the sauce. The sauce was too tangy and tasted strongly of tomatoes, with hardly any crab flavour. The sauce could also be much more creamy, as I found it veering towards the thin side. If you’re looking for crabmeat pastas that are creamier and thicker, other casual, similarly priced joints such as Da Paolo, La Nonna or Rookery serve up some pretty good ones.

Loaded with garlic and shredded crabmeat, this dish was fragrant and light. The portion was very generous too!

Wet, interesting homemade tagliatelle, generous crabmeat, but also bland. Not to mention this was $28, from a menu of overpriced pasta. In fact that pasta seemed like an overrated mee pok.


Pretty delicious! Take their pasta selections with handmade pasta, the additional $3 is worth it :)


This white version is absolutely yummy and the pasta al dente, very much to my liking! Prices are a little on the high side but we were pleased as lunch after the meal.

Love the flavourful chunky crabmeat cream sauce with a hint of seafood umami, that glides down smoothly together with al dente linguine pasta.

Sister restaurant to popular South Union Park, this French-inspired concept along quiet Yio Chu Kang Road revolves around handmade pastas, meaty mains and simple soups. Crustacean lovers, dive straight for the Crabmeat Pasta ($25) and eat your fill of sweet, shredded crabmeat on top of linguine, slicked in a sweet and fragrant white wine sauce. Also good is the super tender Braised Beef Cheeks ($26), paired with earthy mushrooms atop a creamy mash.
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass


South Union Park’s sister restaurant has opened here along quiet Yio Chu Kang Road (not too far though; think NEX) and the menu sports simple soups, pasta and meaty mains. Ordered this with their recommendation for the white wine sauce, which was sweet, fragrant but also rather on the salty side. I did like that they were quite heavy-handed with the crabmeat, making this a good portion for one and a half.