Crabmeat Pasta

$25.00 · 16 Reviews

The crabmeat pasta in white wine sauce was interesting but it didn’t taste like $25. Their handmade pasta was however light and good (would totally suggest to top up to get their handmade pasta!!)
As a beef lover, the beef short rib pasta did not stand out to me. I’m glad I used the 1 for 1 deal for it. 😂 the pork ribs that we spontaneously decided to get at the end turned out to be the best!!!

Would recommend making reservations if anyone wants to try this!! (Wouldn’t queue an hour for this tbh 😅)

second time visiting, but would recommend the food that i ordered on the first time. the crabmeat pasta in white wine sauce is our pick (though it’s not available for 1-for-1). we also got the short rib pasta which is not bad! on the second visit, we got prawn aglio olio and vongole, both tasted alright but did not taste like what it is supposed to taste like. the serving for the vongole is very generous with a lot of pasta.

Truffle fries: star of the show imo, was really good, adequately fragrant and crispy but a little too pricy at 15buxs.

Crabmeat pasta: nice generous servings of crab and was pretty good with linguini

Beef cubes pasta: the beef was really tender however pasta sauce taste a lil bit too meaty. Will recommend if you're a fan of the meaty kind of sauce

Vongole pasta: really tasty with generous servings of clams. Sauce was unique and grows on you. Worth it if using the 1 for 1 with the beef cubes pasta.

Overall a pretty good meal with nice ambience suitable for friends/family.

beyond deal made it very worth! steak was good and special mention for the red wine(?) sauce 😋 generous serving of truffle fries too. however wondering why the deal doesn’t apply to lower priced items like the crabmeat pasta/duck confit 😥

Went on sat, prior to ordering, was advised that we can order food under mains and pastas if we are using the Burpple promo. So we went ahead to order crabmeat pasta, duck confit and konbu truffle fries. The crabmeat pasta turned out to be disappointing, the linguine was literally soaked in soup base. Have tasted better crabmeat pasta, this is definitely not up to our expectation.
So the real blow came when we paid for the bill, we were then told that the orders we have placed are not entitled to the promo, we are fine to pay full price, but the attitude of the cashier was simply terrible! She was literally displaying an attitude face right after she commented that. Terrible service! The other waitress was the one who actually told me that we can order those under pastas and mains without stating exactly which dishes are not included and she was standing right at the cash register when we passed the comment. She literally made escaped when we commented that we were not told this. Seriously some pointers to take back to improve on!

Have always wanted to try this but it isn’t included in their 1 for 1. However during this CB period, they are running a buy one get one 50% off promotion on their entire menu! Could definitely taste the wine in the sauce! Very generous with the crab meat too~ delightfully sweet and fragrant!


Pretty decent crabmeat pasta which is not under the Burpple beyond 1 for 1. But ordered it anyway because it looks good with that generous chucks of crabmeat. They have very good truffle fries too.

I had the red crabmeat pasta and it turned out rather disappointing, especially after I read some really good reviews of this dish on burpple before visiting. I felt that while the crabmeat portion served was decent and the linguine was done perfectly al dente, what was disappointing was the sauce. The sauce was too tangy and tasted strongly of tomatoes, with hardly any crab flavour. The sauce could also be much more creamy, as I found it veering towards the thin side. If you’re looking for crabmeat pastas that are creamier and thicker, other casual, similarly priced joints such as Da Paolo, La Nonna or Rookery serve up some pretty good ones.

Loaded with garlic and shredded crabmeat, this dish was fragrant and light. The portion was very generous too!