Yummy Spicy Baby Octopus

RM16.80 · 6 Reviews

A refreshing starter made up with baby octopus, watermelon, shimeiji mushrooms tossed in a cold spicy lime sauce. Really wets the appetite and the spiciness in the octopus wash-down by the sweetness of watermelon. RM16.80 per serving.


First dish during our visit and the favourite of the night. First took a bite on the crunchy baby octopus that's full of heat and follow by a refreshing cold juicy watermelon.

The watermelon balanced out the heat and I couldn't stop myself going for second piece.

Despite the name, food here was definitely NOT BORING. Each dish managed to wow us! Started our night with Yummy Spicy Baby Octopus (RM16.90). It was spicy yet refreshing at the same time.


Refreshing, tangy (which I looove) and very delicious. The baby octopus was cooked nicely, and that spicy lime dressing – think a Thai-inspired vinaigrette with similar flavours to tom yum. Here’s how you eat it: pop the octopus in first and then a cube of watermelon after to help tone down the heat.

Refreshing, creative (watermelon and yes it’s perfect!) and 100% presentation ...
A appetiser which made everyone happy and look forward to more exciting dishes for the night...
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I salute all those who made watermelon into dishes or desert. Watermelon is such a brilliant item to be included into dishes to add moisture, balance taste, and making a surprise statement to the eater. This dish kind of like Thai style, a little spicy and cruncy baby octopus head pop in my mouth. After that, pick up a cube of watermelon to clear the mouth, ready for next dish. While waiting for that, chewing a piece of soft beech mushroom is a good idea. And this experience, I describw it as Yummy! Price: RM16.80, Food: 10/10
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