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the pancake was crispy and superbly flavourful with generous chunks of fresh seafood (prawns, squid). the jjajangmyeon is the must-order dish with its spot-on black bean sauce and addictively chewy noodles.

the order also came with free side dishes (hard boiled eggs, kimchi, etc), water and a melona ice cream per person.

highly recommend this place if you’re looking for authentic and tasty Korean cuisine (though do be prepared to queue for some time)!!


Waiting time 20 mins on a cold, lazy Sunday afternoon. Very polite staff and quick serve of food! πŸ‘πŸ»

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Came on a Thursday night but still close to a 1hr wait. The food was worth the wait though. Eat the jjajangmyeon while it is hot. The sauce dries up after it cools down. The noodles texture was the chewy type and the black bean sauce tasted authentic. It was my first time trying jjamppong (wanted to try after watching korean drama Record of Youth). For someone with zero spicy tolerance, the spiciness of the jjamppong was bearable (might take a few coughs to get used to it). However, the soup was addictive and you just keep going for more and more spoonfuls. Tasted of seafood and capsicum. The sweet and sour pork (or tangsuyuk) was interesting. The sauce tasted similar to those caifan stalls but the flour coating the pork was a bit chewy? I think it is glutinous rice flour or something like that. Love the lotus roots too. There was free flow hard boiled egg (too full to eat it), plain water for you to drink and one free ice popsicle just before you exit the shop. Worth it for this price and will come back again.

Be prepared to queue even on a weekday. Come at 6pm and expect to wait 15 mins. On Fri/Sat you can probably start queueing from 5:30pm lol. Most Ko-Chi places have the JP+JM+ Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork) value set. For 2 pax you will be BEYOND full. 3-pax is about right. This place used to open really late, but now last order is around 10pm~ Top 5 Ko-Chi in Singapore I daresay.

The amount of positive reviews of their π‰πšπ£πšπ§π π¦π²πžπ¨π§ ($πŸπŸ‘) brought me here…

The original portion was so large that you should come here with a big appetite πŸ˜€ The fermented black bean sauce was smooth and sweet, with some diced pork and a lot of onions in it.

Sadly, I didn’t think I enjoyed it that much, especially when some claimed it to be one of the best in Singapore. The sauce was good, but the noodle was too mushy for my liking πŸ™

I think I need to try a few more jjajangmyeon for comparison! πŸ˜™

P.S.: There’s no reservation, so do come early (~5pm), if not the waiting list is super long even on a weekday evening πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

We upsized this so it was an additional $3 but it was so worth! Portion was super big so we felt like we could do without the upsize 😱 also this is one of the best jjajangmyeon’s we’ve had so far! The noodles were nice & chewy, with just the right amount of thickness, & the black bean sauce was not too jelat (bc of the onions & chunks of meat) but flavourful at the same time! We went at 11.45am on a Saturday & we only had to wait 5 mins for our table. Highly recommended, egg was really well fried too! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Really impressed by their stews! It was really flavourful & had a spicy kick which we appreciated. Tastes much better than those you get @ kopitiam! Portion size was alright as well, even tho most of the ingredients were just green onions. But still worth a try if you’re looking for a not so heavy dish to accompany your jjajangmyeon! ☺️

No prizes for guessing what this place specialies in. Burppler Chloe Tan says this is where you'll find "one of the better jjajangmyeons in Singapore! A super satisfying meal, stuffed us (family of 4) silly!" Burppler Regina Shao, who ordered the basic Jjajangmyeon ($10) likes the value for money combo for two - "The noodle is chewy, black bean sauce is well-flavoured with a touch of sweet as well."

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Said this once, prolly say it again, one of the better jjajangmyeons in Singapore! A super satisfying meal, stuffed us (family of 4) silly!!!

literally the best jjajangmyeon in town, nuff said. also, love all their stews too 🀀

(jjajangmyeon $12 / kimchi jjigae $12)