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Spicy jajangmyeon
sauce was flavourful , noodles were springy.

Kimchi tofu stew(?)
my fave dish out of all 3 i ordered, the soup was really nice. It was very comforting and delectable. It’s a must order. Would go back just for the stew

nothing rlly special about this. Felt the soup base itself is q tastless compared to the kimchi stew. Idrk how it’s supposed to taste like because I rarely eat Korean. Has quite a lot of ingredients inside though. But if you’re on a budget ,I would skip this.

Damage ~$50 for two pax

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Different from regular Jjamppong where seafood is one of the main ingredients. Army stew-styled Jjamppong, with ingredients you often see in army stew such as luncheon meat, sausage and such. Huge portion, nice soup, great noodles. Spiciness wise, it wasn’t notable.



Set A ($50)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Have been hearing a lot about #obbajajang and it certainly met our expectations. Set A comprised of Tangsuyuk, Jajangmyeon, and Jjamppong / Seafood Udon, along with an array of sides (kimchi, radish, eggs). It was meant for 2 but we upsized the noodles (+$3each) and the portions were more than enough for our group of 3 girls - we left fully stuffed and would prob recommend just one upsize! 😅

The #jajangmyeon ($13 alacarte) was among, if not, the best I’ve tried in Singapore (thus far) with its deliciously savoury sauce that was just the right balance of sweet and salty, with a slight smokiness, that complemented the al dente noodles. The #jjamppong (seafood stew) was equally enjoyable with its tasty seafood broth and generous serving of fresh seafood. The tangsuyuk (fried pork) came with a tangy sweet-sour sauce and while we appreciated that the batter was made with sweet potato for extra sweetness, we would have preferred it crispier and for less batter:meat ratio and for the pork to be fresher.
⚠️ Reservations are not allowed and expect a wait for this popular restaurant during peak hours. At 6.30pm, the wait was >1hr
📍@o.bba_jjajang, 77 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore
#cafehoppingtanjongpagar #cafehoppingkidsxkorean

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I would say that this is the place that could satisfy your jajangmyeon and jippomg cravings!!

We ordered the set A which consisted of jajangmeyon, jjamppong and tangsuyuk and added on a kimchi pancake with cheese!!

Portions were pretty huge and it was perfect for sharing. The soup base of the jjamppong was not too spicy and the seafood were aplenty.

Jajangmeyon black bean sauce coated the noodles evenly and we were just slurping them up by the mouthfuls!

Tangsuyuk was tender and the batter wasn’t oily. I love the lotus root hhah huge and sweet.

Be sure to turn up early as the seatings gets filled up pretty fast !

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Ordered the Set A [$45++] that comes with jjamppong, jajangmyeon and tangsuyuk!

Ordered additional steamed egg and japchaebap


Jjamppong ($14++)

Very very slight spicy only. There were mussels squid and shrimps inside.

Would like the soup base to be stronger in seafood taste and more spicy. The soup base was also a little too garlicky.

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Price: $14

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One of the best or probably, the best and most authentic jajangmyeon I’ve had locally! Heard that this generous portion of noodles were handmade and even if not, I’ve got to say that the texture was spot on. It was springy, chewy and so q! The thick sauce had a nice sweetness and came with lots of onions. Unfortunately, the minimal amount of minced pork was quite hard and dry, but heck, the sauce and noodles themselves were too good! This portion will surely fill you up, but if you want even more, there’s an option for upsize at $2. Outside of lunch times, they go at $12 a bowl - still a steal for its quality. Can’t wait to go back again to try their Jjamppong! Service was super friendly and homely as well.

Price: $13
Chinese style Noodles with vegetables & seafoods!

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First time trying for me because i can't get over the mental barrier that their sweet and sour pork cost three times more then ours. 😂
Awesome jjajiangmyeon by the way, probably one of the better version among those that I have tried before.