Sashimi Rice Bowl

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Starting Friyay with a 16-course Omakase from Minka! The $68 set consists of 2 appetisers, 2 sashimi, vegetable, 8 sushi, sashimi rice bowl, soup of the day and desserts. The Omakase was pretty decent and the seafood was fresh. I wish the portions were bigger though - I could do with more rice in the sushi and rice bowl😛 Glad that we were given the choice of green tea or black sesame ice cream at the end of the meal and of course I ended my dinner with my favourite black sesame ice cream:) Ready for my looong weekend!

Pictured is the premium sashimi rice bowl ($39) that comes with all the good stuff (think: slices of tuna belly, botan ebi). However, for that price, you kinda expect the smaller details to also be done well. The rice was too warm, marination was slightly too heavy-handed whereby you couldn’t really identify the fishes by taste. Also for $39 it led me to compare it to other experiences like Aoki which sells their chirashi at a v similar price range....

The place does have some potential, it just needs to work out some kinks to succeed in the very competitive CBD scene

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When lunch hour in the CBD beckons, turn to this Oxley Tower joint for quality Japanese donburis. If you're not too hungry, the Basic Sashimi Rice Bowl ($13) is a value-for-money option. Otherwise, go for the fresh and generously portioned Sashimi Rice Bowl ($19), or the tender and flavourful River Eel Rice Bowl ($24), both of which come with a bowl of hot seafood broth. Pro-tip: Pour the broth over any leftover rice for maximum enjoyment.
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Dropped by Minka over the weekend after seeing posts on their affordable Japanese Donburi served only during lunch hours. While the Mini Sashimi Rice Bowl is the one to go for if price is a concern (priced at $13), the other items like the 3 Kinds of Marinated Tuna Rice Bowl are great for the occasional splurge, considering most items ranges from near $20 and above (this is priced at $19 btw). Here, the rice bowl features Otoro, Maguro and Minced Tuna; all pretty fresh, while providing a variance of textures throughout the entire bowl. What gave their version an extra oomph is the Yuzu-infused rice, which carries a zesty, refreshing note that works well in between morsels of fish; provides their variant a character of its own. Pretty value-for-money, considering the quality you get in return for the buck.


Every bowl was freshly made upon order and they use rice imported from Hokaiddo. Basic Sashimi Rice Bowl starting at $13.

We had the Premium Sashimi Rice Bowl ($39), and they suggested an unique way for us to enjoy the Kaisendon. First you consume 80% to 100% of the raw fish, then pour over the piping hot seafood soup onto the rice; An unique enjoyable experience!

Thanks @minkajapsg for having us!

🍚 Ordered the Sashimi Rice Bowl, which was topped with generous amounts of fresh sashimi, complimented with sweet wasabi. After finishing the sashimi, a bowl of hot seafood broth 🍲 to add a different experience to the leftover rice. They also offer a 🥂 free drink or dessert with every main. This promotion ends this February! So you got one day left to enjoy this promotion! I picked the 🍵 Matcha Ice-Cream and it was one of the best things to end a fabulous meal with. Not too strong and slightly milky, without losing the fragrance of matcha. Perfect!
Come during lunch time to enjoy a wide range of dons, or come in the evening for affordable Omakase! @minkajapsg
🍣 Dish: Sashimi Rice Bowl, $19
🍴 Location: Minka, 138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower, 01-06
⏰ Opening Hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6pm - till late .

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@minkajapsg is a Japanese restaurant kaisendon (for lunch) and Sushi Omakase (for dinner) located in Oxley Tower.
Feature Seafood Rice Bowl with Seafood Soup.
Japanese sashimi rice bowl with special seafood soup that made from red snapper, prawn and fish bone. 💰$29.
@minkajapsg currently offering a lunch promotion. By presenting the lunch leaflet handed out by the staff during a weekday lunch time from 11.30am - 2.30pm, get to enjoy a complimentary ice cream dessert/soft drink with purchase of any rice bowl.
138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower #01-06

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