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Crab Ramen

$15.90 · 7 Reviews

No sushi at Chef Atsushi’s Ha-Oh Hototogisu, but Oh! the crab ramen is so unique and delish - haha! A bit salty, although that is alleviated by the lime slices.

No sushi at Chef Atsushi’s Ha-Oh Hototogisu, but Oh! the crab ramen is so unique and delish - haha! A bit salty, although that is alleviated by the lime slices.

Crab ramen ($15.90++)

Ordered my ramen without onions and leeks. The broth was delicious with crab taste (not too strong unlike keisuke) and the rocket leaves, sour cream, lemon and crab/tomato paste worked well to make the soup robust. There are only 2 thin slices of charsiu inside. Ingredients wise would say is little for the price paid, but I managed to finish the whole bowl. Noodles were okay, not overcooked.

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First time having a lemon in our ramen! And sour cream. I’m a fan of the Hototogisu chain and this was a unique soup taste which refreshes your taste buds.

But it became a little jelat after awhile. Couldn’t finish the soup.

Ordered the crab ramen and added 2 slices of iberico pork and half egg ($7.90)

Crab broth is very light and certainly taste better after mixing in the tomato crab paste. The sour cream and lemon didn’t really elevate the taste. The sous vide Cha Shu tasted much better than the iberico which had too much of a porky taste. The egg is flavourful with a melting yolk.

Noodles are the thin type with a little bite which might not appeal to people who like it more al dente.

Paid $28 after all the taxes. Certainly one of the most expensive bowl of ramen I’ve had. Next time I will just order a ramen with additional whole egg.

Each outlet has its own unique specialty ramen dishes. At Paragon, the highlights of the menu are the shoyu Asari clam broth and the crab broth ramen.
It was almost a full house when I was there at dinner on a Friday. The Hototogisu crab ramen arrived after 20 minutes. The crab broth is apparently made by simmering Japanese blue crabs. The resulting crab broth reminded me of a mild lobster bisque. The seafood flavour is there but it is light but not “in your face” strong like a robust prawn noodle soup. .
A slice of lemon and a dab of sour cream was also added to the soup. These two ingredients did not really add any individually detectable flavour, although they might have helped in creating a background complexity. I could smell the fragrance of the lemon. A ball of crab & tomato paste added a bit more flavour to the whole thing.
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The award-winning Hamaguri ramen at their Chijmes flagship outlet left us deep impressions with the light yet flavourful clam broth that was delectably tasty.
Once again, their crab ramen hit the right note with a crab broth that was flavourful without being too thick nor overly rich. The other crab or lobster ramen we enjoyed at K were rich in flavour but tend to get jelak easily; but not the case for this. Without surprise, I slurped up the last drop of this broth.
With a total of 4 outlets (other 2 at Great World City and Jewel), each outlet offers exclusive flavours its own, including oyster Consummé ramen and ramen of the 4 Seasons. Their distinctive light and flavourful broth was worthy of the Michelin Star awarded to their Shinjuku shop.

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