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$$$$ pricey

Food quality is amazing, but if you’re intending to visit based on reviews about dishes at ~$30 and the Cynthia or other desserts at ~$9, don’t.

It’s now leaning more towards fine dining, at the time of our visit(mid Oct), the lamb shoulder for 2 pax ($150++) and crab pasta (1pax $138) were the lowest priced items available and desserts from the tray were ~$30 each. We were told the menu item duck confit for 2 pax ($100) was not available.

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This cake got the good looks and good taste! Such a pretty piece of work and tastes of a mixture of lychee, raspberry, light wonderful!

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I highly recommend the Corn Soufflé. It is such a novel idea but it works so well together. The sweetness is not too much but such right and the warm of the corn makes it a very comforting dessert.

Cynthia is a light, refreshing cake with lychee bits and raspberry. Really delicious and one could easily eat 5 more of it without feeling sick of it.

Louis XV is a chocolate cake that is the opposite of the cynthia. It is dense, heavy with chocolate flavour and has a good balance between the bitter and sweet.

Relaxing and welcoming vibe this cafe has.
What caught my eye behind the glass display is the gorgeous "Cynthia". Rose shaped sponge with rose chantilly cream, lychee bits, raspberry compote. Fruity and floral.
Your sweet tooth will be satisfied till the wee hours as they're open till 10pm and till midnight from Fri - Sat.

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One of the most gorgeous entremets that I have ever seen. Shaped and coloured like a rose, Cynthia's exterior is a layer white chocolate covering the genoise sponge, raspberry compote, rose chantilly creme and lychee. A delightful dessert that has a luxurious variety of texture and flavours: rose and raspberry gives the entremet a floral fruity profile in a mixture cream, sponge and jam.


Note this one down for cheat days. Open till midnight, this French patisserie in Outram Park is our new go-to for beautifully plated desserts. The signature to come for is 'Cynthia' ($9), a delicate dessert made with rose chantilly cream, lychee bits, raspberry compote and genoise sponge. If rose doesn't rock your boat, go for the Apple Mille Feuille ($14) — a tarty Granny Smith apple genoise, caramel creme and Tahitian vanilla ice cream combo.
Photo by Burppler Yong Kai


And if you have sudden cake cravings late at night, Voyage is opened till 12am from Fridays to Sundays.

Chef Jonathan hopes to present quality plated desserts and cakes to people without having them to worry about the cost.

The signature cake is the Cynthia ($9), a petite gateau featuring rose chantilly cream, lychee bits, raspberry compote and genoise sponge shaped like a rose.

Interesting note: Chef created and named this cake after his girlfriend as it is the first “rose” that he has given to her. So sweet…

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