Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Green Tea

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Finally tried jenjudan and sadly, this ranks as my least fav brown sugar milk tea out of all that I’ve ever tried. The matcha green tea had a decent matcha taste, but because it wasn’t milk-based, it tasted somewhat diluted, and the fragmented ice pieces in this drink certainly didn’t help. (You can’t adjust the ice level either.) I also thought that the brown sugar taste in this drink was the weakest of all places, and their pearls have this weird, incredibly slimy texture that I found quite offputting. Jenjudan is also much pricier than other places. Wouldn’t recommend trying this, would stick to Chicha San Chen if you’re thinking of buying a pricier bubble tea instead.

And.... Brown sugar milk is the latest beverage trend to hit the bubble tea market and it has won hearts and palates from many! ☺️
Finally tried the famous taiwanese
bubble tea brand @jenjudansg. In frame,
1️⃣ Brown Sugar Boba Thai Milk Tea -
SGD 5.80 🧡
2️⃣ Brown Sugar Boba Match Green Tea -
SGD 5.20 💚

For this visit, i had their Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Green Tea in 30% sugar level, and sure enough it was a pleaser! I was quite surprised with the prominent earthy, robust notes with lingering bitter undertones. I personally also enjoyed their fragrant, chewy brown sugar boba specifically ☺️
PS : The brown sugar level here can be adjusted, and, with that, you would be able to enjoy your brown sugar boba tea! ☺️💚🧡

Location: Jenjudan Singapore 珍煮丹
1 CityLink Mall #B1-13 Singapore 039393 📍



MATCHA + brown sugar?? That totally got me interested to try this famed bubbletea brand from Taiwan that everyone's been raving about. I went when they were almost closing so avoided long queues thankfully.

The matcha was actually pretty distinct, and the briwn sugar doesn't overshadow it to my surprise. I had mine at 30% sweetness (yes their sweetness level can be adjusted!!) though I would recommend asking for less ice next time because it does get diluted after awhile.

Pearls are the really soft and chewy kind, so if you like your pearls harder and firmer like me, you might not exactly be happy with it haha though I really loved the pearls for the non-artificial brown sugar fragrance which wasn't too cloyingly sweet also since I had it at 30%!