Charcoal-Grill & Salad Bar Keisuke (Paya Lebar Square)

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Grilled Chicken with Rock Salt

$9.90 · 2 Reviews

At 10 bucks, this dish is very value for money. You get the salad bar, onsen egg, miso soup and this amazing dish!

The chicken is really flavorful and tender. It goes well with the yuzu paste too.

It is questionable if they even earn a positive profit margin with this dish.

If you aren’t too fond of fish or chicken, or are simply open to trying something unique to “Charcoal Grill And Salad Bar Keisuke”, the fish cake is what you should get.
Made in-house, it is prepared in the Southern Japanese style, so the texture is cottony-soft and fluffy. What I love is that kernels of corn and chopped up pieces of edamame are mixed in for extra textural excitement. These also enhance the fish cake with a delicious sweetness and mild nuttiness.
It comes in a set with rice, a soft-cooked egg, pickles and a bowl of miso soup for just $10.90++. Which effectively makes it the second least expensive thing on the menu here after the $9.90++ grilled chicken with rock salt set meal.