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Shuai Beancurd

RM9.50 · 4 Reviews

Don’t let the crowds sway your intent to swing by Soylab. The desserts are made with non-GMO beans, sans preservatives or additives, so the wait for these yummy and good-for-you desserts is worth it. Go with the community-favourite Shuai Beancurd (RM9.50) that sees both the signature beancurd and soy milk served with two toppings — your choice runs from glutinous rice balls to grass jelly cubes. Purists will enjoy the Signature Soymilk drink (from RM7) with homemade sugar syrup.
Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

Overpriced and terrible first time table waiting experience.
The Shuai beancurd (RM7.50) tasted quite normal tbh and you could get soya bean/tau foo fah for cheaper elsewhere!
I did like “Bean Looking for Her” (RM9.50) - a soya bean drink with brown sugar and pearls.
But I had to wait an hour for pricey tau foo fah and soya bean... I would not queue for this. I’ll stick to Dao or the other Uptown desserts instead!

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Back in school time, I always love the combination of beancurd + soymilk. However most taufufa place doesn't serve that unless you request for it.

Soylab serve their beancurd with soymilk, brown sugar and two types of topping. Aside from the boba and red bean that I choose to go with the set, I also add additional glutinous rice ball for my beancurd.

Ya...I know I'm greedy...lol


Minimalistic interior and probably have around 10 tables or so. It was packed when we went with a 30 minutes wait. If you’re there for drinks, takeaway would be quicker. In frame: Signature beancurd served with soymilk and 2 toppings (choose from rice balls, grass jelly, pearls or adzuki beans).

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