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Stand-alone, air conditioned store dedicated to mala xiang guo. They have hugeee fridges with a large variety of ingredients and meat neatly packed in balls! I especially love that they have youtiao here.

My partner and I ordered quite a large bowl of food with 2 noodles and 2 drinks, and the total bill was $29. Kinda expensive.

Ordered 小中辣 - not spicy enough, no numbness and the food turned out too salty. Still yummy, but would like more heat. Perhaps would try a notch spicier next!

Eating mala xiang guo (麻辣香锅) is perfect during the raining season. Wan Xing Ma La Xiang Guo place in the North East for supper that closes at 3am. They serve Sichuan dishes such as laziji (辣子鸡) and grilled fish (重庆烤鱼) too. All in air-conditioned comfort.

You can self-select from a wide spread of ingredients. So I got my usual sliced beef, lotus root, potato slices, flat beancurd skin (千张), kangkung, pork, enoki mushrooms, black fungus and luncheon meat among others. I like how they serve large intestines here too.

For my carbs, it’s the default instant noodles that’s used by every MLXG stall. Can someone tell me where can I buy the brand they use?

I didn’t take a lot for each ingredient but the bill for this came up to a whopping $23.30 for ONE person which was a bit of a ripoff. Perhaps I was paying the premium for air conditioned comfort.

The sauce itself was spicy, fragrant and a bit numbing cause I always request for more peppercorns (加麻). At least they didn’t add heaps of garlic.

With MLXG, enjoy your daily intake of oil, salt and MSG in one meal. If you must, you can always request for less oil and less salt.

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Got medium la this particular visit and it was actually really good! For some reason this visit had way more fragrance than the previous time, it was really good!

What’s better than enjoying mala? Eating it in a fully air-conditioned environment! Wan Xiang Mala Xiang Guo offers a wide array of fresh ingredients for your choosing. As our spicy tolerance level are not that high, we opted for 小辣少麻 😂

Unlike other mala that we have tried, we feel that the sauce was fragrant, nicely flavoured and not overly salty. The 小辣少麻 combination works perfectly for us as we feel that it is neither too spicy nor numbing. Apart from the conventional ingredients, we would recommend you to add a portion of the fried 油条 into your bowl of mala! The fried 油条 nicely soaked up the sauce and helps add a nice crunch to the dish. Next time when you are looking for a supper spot in Kovan, do pop by this place!

Mala Xiang Guo

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When you have cravings for mala xiang guo but can't eat spicy, this is the best place to go and one of my regular hangout spots. Super fragrantly stir fried and not too expensive. Portion for 2 pax at $26.30 and we were bursting full by then. Get the other kind of instant noodle (green in colour). Texture is different but it is good and locks the flavour in. Remember to let the cashier know to put less salt and oil. If you don't say, it is going to be too saltish and you will need to eat it with rice.

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Mala Xiang Guo is appearing everywhere these days and this place serves one of the better ones that i’ve tried so far. The mala flavours and spices packed a punch at the right notes, bringing out the freshness of the ingredients. This place is opened till late too, so you can satisfy your mala cravings here at any time of day.