Beef With Pickles In Sour Soup

$25.80 ยท 4 Reviews

We got the beef with pickles in sour soup (hella yummy), 14pcs skewer (do not get this) and the fried eggplant (TO DIE FOR)

Rating: 8.5/10

In the spicy, sour-from-pickles broth were plenty of straw mushrooms, succulently crunchy strips of vegetable and very thinly-sliced strips of fatty beef. I had to ask for the dish to be less spicy as my throat was a bit sore and they complied. So although I didnโ€™t experience the full impact of the original spiciness, I still managed to satisfy my craving. Yes, the soupโ€˜s on the oily side but it was very appetisingly sour and packed a pleasant low, slow burn. Would love to have this again at its proper level of spiciness.


The depth of the broth, is made from 12 different types of vegetables. The amount of peppercorn and chilli in the sour soup will set you on fire as you enjoy the thinly slices of tender beef. This is really shiok.