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$26.00 · 8 Reviews

Went back to Zazz pizza and it didn’t disappoint! The red-based Parma Burrata pizza has generous amounts of parma ham, topped with arugula and parmesan shavings and finished with a creamy burrata in the middle. Their pizzas here are particularly delicious because of how fluffy and bready the crust is, achieved by fermenting the dough for a few days. Despite it’s breadiness, it’s still chewy and quite light, making it the perfect vessel for the pizza toppings. The pizza was a bit too saucy last time I went, resulting in the middle of the pizza becoming soggy, but it was perfect this time.

Overall a great experience again! Booked through @hungrygowhere so I managed to get a seat inside (recommended since they have limited seating). What they lack in decor they make up for in the quality of their food. Can’t emphasise how much I like their pizza dough!

Basically margherita pizza with burrata on top. The dough is thin, yet doughy and chewy but crispy around the edges. I like the dough - which is very important to me when eating pizza. The pizza is thin so I can finish the 12 inch pizza on my own.

Tomatoes, mozzarella, burrata with a drizzle of olive oil and basil makes this pizza so yum. The server recommended we try this and that the burrata pizza is their signature. No regrets.

We also ordered the Zazz Pizza $24 - ribeye, mixed mushroom, parmesan, truffle cream, mozzarella. I didn’t like this flavour combination. Burrata pizza is much better.

Shop is very small and we saw lots of customers ordering takeaway pizzas. Servers are friendly.

At $38 each, a portion goes in support of ieatishootipost’s World Vision Myanmar school building initiative as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

I dare say serving one of the best pizzas in town, their wood fired baked crust was quite remarkable - nice crunch on the outside, crispness along the leopard spotted edge with a light chewy bite in the middle. Prepared a la minute and plated hot off the oven, the dough was certainly praiseworthy. Loaded with quality ingredients, this special edition pizza had all that and more. Strewn with a good amount of thinly sliced Jamon Iberico over a bed of tomatoes, roasted garlic, mozzarella and rocket leaves; the centerpiece was the ball of fresh burrata cheese.

Savoury, sweet and tangy, the combination of flavours was spot on. I just love the burst of cool creaminess from the soft cheese when paired with the cuts of salty jamon. The balance of texture, taste and even the contrasting temperature was very appealing to me. So before I knew it, I had finished 4 slices with lashes of garlic-infused olive oil they had offered we try.

What this pizza joint lacks in its simple decor, their mouth-watering pizzas more than makes up for. Their spacious alfresco area is perfect for chill hangs with the group. The highly-raved-about Burrata ($26) is a must-try. It's a sight to behold — a generous dollop of soft, stringy cheese atop pizza dough slathered in zesty tomato sauce and mozzarella, with a light-as-air crust. Drizzle some olive oil over for maximum pleasure. For something green, try the tasty Zazz Salad ($12) or load up on a Mixed Mushroom Pizza ($26) with the same deliciously fluffy dough.
Photo by Burppler Alicia Kho

We had the Burrata Pizza ($26) and Mixed Mushroom Pizza ($26). Loved the dough, it was fluffy and just the right amount of chewy. I particularly loved the burrata pizza, the creaminess of the burrata went so well with the tangy tomato sauce 😍

Audible moans and grunts of pleasure as we devoured this beaut of a pizza. Baked and blistered in a wood fire oven, topped off with a creamy, jiggly blob of burrata and the perfect ratio of sauce, basil and olive oil, every mouthful was bliss. This is a chef’s special, so it might not always be available, but fret not as all their pies are simply delish.


So. Freaking. Good. I cannot even begin to describe how delicious this was. Think zesty tomato sauce, basil leaves and a generous ball of SUPER CREAMY burrata cheese sitting in the middle of this perfectly wood-fired dough. The crust is doughy on the inside and chewy on the outside. Finished with a drizzle of olive oil. Magnificent.

So glad this was the chef’s special when we visited. With a whole blob of burrata 😍, you don’t really need anything else other than the basic tomato and mozzarella base plus fresh basil leaves. Liked that the dough was chewy and not too thick (although it got a little too thin towards the centre, but no biggie).

Super casual and no GST or service charge.