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Burrata-bias aside, what I really appreciate about Zazz Pizza is their crust. Which comes as a huge surprise to the wheat-sensitive me. Their Neapolitan-style ‘za comes with the characteristic raised and puffy edges that are crisp, fluffy, and chewy, with little charred bubbles spread intermittently around. I don’t usually eat my crusts, but with Zazz’s I found myself nibbling at em till I’m like “wait did I finish it all wtf am I gonna choke and die?” That’s how good it was. The base of the pizza was thin as I like em to be, though it does get really soggy as you make your way through it. But really, the cherry on top has to be the burrata 🥲 You can add one to any pizza you order at +$14, which is the best thing ever in my books. I love their Meat Lover ($28) that comes loaded with mozzarella, ham, spicy salami, bacon, sausages, sweet bell peppers, and caramelised onions — lots of cured meats in there, fabulous balance of flavours with those sweet elements.

Decent pizza with some leopard spotting in the crust, leans towards a bit of the dry side so probably not for you if you prefer the wetter Neapolitan-style pies. Burrata itself is not bad, though lacking a bit of creaminess to properly cut through the ham's saltiness.

A hole in the wall restaurant but this could really be the best kept secret for authentic Italian pizza! The burrata was fresh and light tasting, the parma ham was not too salty and the best part had to be the pizza crust - chewy at the edges with such a good bite but yet crispy thin in the middle. This may not be the cheapest pizza around but it has truly quality ingredients and I’ll definitely be back!!!

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Will go for anything Burrata, so I couldn’t bear not to get the 𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙢𝙖 𝘽𝙪𝙧𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙖 (~$36). Set atop chewy woodfire pizza and slices of salty Prosciutto, this creamy Burrata was enough to coat each slice generously. 🍕
The dough here is stunning. Burnt slightly at the sides for that bitter aftertaste, light and chewy to sit well in your stomach (or for you to take another slice), there was nothing I didn’t like about this.

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Heard some rave reviews about the pizza here so had to try it for myself. Not somewhere you'd expect to find gourmet pizza given the unassuming storefront. But wow was that crust deliciously charred, chewy and fragrant. Serving a whole burrata on a pizza was nice, though it would have oozed more if it had been bigger.

💵: $26

🤔: Pizza crust was perfectly chewy, and slightly charred. The cold burrata paired quite well with the flavours of the hot pizza!!!

Delicious wood fired pizzas! We ordered this as well as Diavola($20) and Bismark($24). Honestly they were all great. Good value for money, and they have cheap beers too! The crust taste best when eaten fresh. Two of my friends didn't reccomend takeaways or delivery, so be warned. (Rating:😬)


Love this place for affordable, Super satisfying pizzas. Order your pizzas at the counter and enjoy the cool breeze at your alfresco table. Share a Parma Burrata, Bismarck and Diavola. Have a cold Peroni for just $6 or a glass of wine for $10. The staff is very friendly too!


The burrata was creamy, rich and soft, adding a nice texture to the soft and chewy crust.

The Meat Lover was good as well, with just enough meat to go around. I really appreciate that the pizza was not too bland nor too salty, which always seems to be the case in a lot of pizzas I have had.

My favourite thing about the pizzas here is the freshness of the ingredients and also the crust.

Zazz allows you to choose a half and half (i.e 2 flavours in 1 pizza) with an addition of $4 on top of the price of the pizza with the higher price point between the 2 flavours.

Had the truffle pizza with bacon and egg and this was really good as well. The truffle taste was really strong and satisfying, and the crust was delightfully fluffy yet chewy as always. My favorite pizza here would still be the parma ham & burrata one but this one cuts it really close as well. I would really recommend this place for pizza!