Tom Nuong

$30.90 · 3 Reviews

King prawns were slightly dry due to the strong Grilling but that's about the only complaint i have. It's super smoky from the Grilling, with many parts of the shell blackened. Their secret sauce was incredibly good as well, mainly sweet with a slight heat as well. Loved it so much i went to smear the prawn with the sauce on the Banana leaf, and thats sth i hardly do as i prefer to enjoy the natural flavours of ingredients. If thats not convincing enough, quite a few tables had this despite the price so you know it's good.


Conveniently located near Clarke Quay and open till 10pm, this Vietnamese joint is perfect for Friday nights with the squad. Get your appetite going with the good-for-sharing Tom Nuong ($30.90), featuring sweet, smoky grilled king prawns that goes well with the spicy, tangy homemade sauce. Another popular dish is the Cha Gio ($18.20), crispy fried spring rolls filled with juicy, melt-in-the-mouth minced pork. Don’t forget to dip it in the sweet fish sauce for a flavour boost! For something comforting, the Bun Thit Nuong ($17.90) is a combination of cold rice-vermicelli noodles with barbecued pork and fragrant hints of basil, mint and fish sauce — double up on this dish with your 1-for-1 #BurppleBeyond deal!
Photo by Burppler Sheryl Sherbakes


Was blown away by this starter -- basically grilled king prawns marinated in home made sauce. The prawns were really sweet and fresh with nice smoky flavour. What made my eyes almost popped out was the spicy zesty marination, that was immersed with the prawn oil during grilling process. It gave me a great kick as an appetite booster. Small plate with big flavours!