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There’s a variety of special taste ice cream there! Got the double scoop waffle. Pistachio and dark chocolate I think. Can’t really recall. But what I do remember is the taste. It’s really good and nice place for a short snack time!

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Super long time since we went on an ice cream parlour date!

This place was crowded on a Fri night at 8+pm! We had to patiently wait (in a long line) for seats. We got the double scoop ice cream ($7) - lychee raspberry and pistachio, and original waffles ($5). Had intended to get the black sesame waffle initially, but unfortunately it was already sold out (so was the chocolate waffle). This ice cream cafe actually specialises in chocolate! Obviously, with its name of "obsessive chocolate desire". There were at least 5 diff flavours of choc ice cream to choose from! But I wasn't a hugeeeee fan of chocolates (chocolates actually give me headaches because of a stupid thing I did as a kid: I ate chocolate and started spinning myself until I got dizzy. Lol. From then on chocolate is always correlated to headaches for me. Especially bitter chocolate haha)

What flavour of waffles do you like? Original, Chocolate or perhaps Sesame? These are all available to go with the scoop of your choice at @ocd_cafe at ($4 + $3.60 a scoop 🍦), but that’s not all! To excite your tastebuds, the crew have put in lots of thoughts & effort in their R&D, and the waffles family has since expanded to include Truffle Waffles (as introduced previously) and THIS - Corn Cheese Waffle ($6)! 😍😍😍
With no preservatives used, fresh batches of batter are made in-house daily (with leftovers discarded, not left overnight) so that you are guaranteed a fresh waffle everytime! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Texture of their waffles is pretty well-executed - nicely-browned on the outside while having a pretty moist & dense interior. βœ”
I am personally not a fan of airy fairy waffles so this substantial one really appealed to me, except I wished for a crispier exterior. πŸ˜‹ Definitely a long & filling waffle (worth your buck!) so you might want to get double scoops (+$7) & share it with your family & friends! πŸ’•
Pry open this waffles & SURPRISE! Be greeted with a generous amount of vibrant-yellow corn kernels inside! 😍😍😍 Grade A corn is used (not the canned ones), which explains the irresistible burst of sweet natural juices of corn in every bite! 🌽 The cheese taste was pretty mild but it sure added a more creamy texture to the batter. πŸ§€
All in all, this was an interesting mix that reminded me of my childhood (where I would get pancakes with peanut, corn & condensed milk at pasar malams)! πŸ’―
They have also taken my favourite 85% African Dark Chocolat ice cream to a whole new level by introducing a SALTY version. πŸ‘πŸ» With a tinge of salty aftertaste, it does add more complexity to the taste profile of the scoop without compromising the richness of the chocolate. 🍫🍫🍫 Paired with the Corn & Cheese Waffle that embodies sweet & savoury elements, this was one unFLEgettable combination that really worked for us - certainly a crowd-pleaser! 🀀

Location : @ocd_cafe 529 Ang Mo Kio ave 10, #01-2353, Singapore 560529.
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Chocolate lovers, listen up! This neighbourhood dessert spot highlights ice cream made with single-origin chocolate β€” it's no wonder the place is constantly packed, so save this for off-peak hours. First-timers should go with the Double Scoop ($7) to try the chocolate ice cream in varying cocoa percentages, like a smooth Ecuador 40% for something sweeter and the Signature Belgium Dark 60% for a darker, bittersweet flavour. To balance out the richness of the chocolate, add the Sesame Waffle ($4) for a fragrant base. Non-choc fanatics, expect other exciting flavours like the Avocado Gula Melaka and Lychee Raspberry.
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What I meant is Obsessive Chocolat Desire! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Even though I enjoyed the ice cream very much, but it’s was very very rich in flavours.
@ocd_cafe taking over the now defunct Twenty Grammes in AMK. The space was pretty packed on a Sunday evening. Price point was reasonable-$7 for a double scoop and $4 was waffles. They have both original and sesame but the latter was sold out when we were there.
Love the chocolate flavour available in different percentage from 33% Signature Madagascar Milk to 85% Signature African Dark. Everything to satisfied your chocolate desire. The green ice cream pictured will be their avocado with gula melaka (options for even non-chocolate lovers).