Feather Blade Steak

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Served medium rare only, these feather blades of steak where cooked to perfection! Nice chew with salt and pepper seasoning sprinkled across the plate, topped with some scallions. It’s great if you’re looking for clean, nice beef but not for one looking for a hearty, heavily smoked or flavoured meat cut. $11++ for 100g.

Unlike most other steakhouses, their specialty (and only cut of beef served), the Feather Blade Steak ($21++) gives them a lot to shout about.

One bite of the steak was all it took to convince me how a relatively tougher and “chewier” cut of beef could be made super tasty. Their “sous-vide” method for cooking steaks maintained a consistent texture throughout, accentuating the flavours of the steak while giving it a rich, succulent taste.

There are also their personally-curated sides ($7) to go along with their steaks, and I’d highly recommend their Mushroom Medley and their Potatoes “Fried in Beef Fat” as they were absolutely tantalising complements to my steak.

The Blood Orange Old Fashioned bourbon-infused cocktail($13++) was a refreshing pairing as well, considering the scorching hot weather outside.

Overall, The Feather Blade is a “should-try” for foodies and steak-lovers alike, mainly for an interesting dining experience that just might switch your preference towards more alternative and tasty cuts of beef.


Using 100g of sukiyaki marinated Feather Blade steak, served with onsen egg, caramelised onions, garlic chips and Japanese rice.

A perfect takeaway for $16+.

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Ordered their signature feather blade steak and one of their specials. The feather blade steak was average, I much preferred the latter which had more fat and was juicer. The potatoes came highly recommended but it just tasted rather burnt to me. I did enjoy the creamed spinach a lot though!


Not the best steak I’ve had – I usually prefer mine more seared on the outside so it gets that really appetising crust in contrast to the tender, pink, medium-rare centre.

But the sides are to die for. The hand-smashed Potatoes deep-fried in beef fat are worth ordering a double portion of.

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The Feather Blade Steak is a cut from the shoulder blade of the cattle, and due to its chewier texture it isn’t my usual choice of cut, however this is still tender and flavourful enough for me to enjoy. Pair your steak with sides like truffle corn (highly recommended) and spinach at $7 each, along with 4 homemade sauces at $2 each!

Do check out their off-menu items like The Handshake Burger that is smothered in Béarnaise sauce and the USDA Prime Katsu Sando that is only available on Tuesdays as well!


Honestly a tad disappointed as I had quite high expectations after reading their reviews online. Steak wasn’t as quite chewy and not as tender as I had expected. But for that price point, I wouldn’t complain much.

The Feather Blade Steak ($21)
Spinach ($7)
Potatoes ($7)
Mushroom ($7)

It was recommended that we go for medium-rare and that didn’t disappoint at all! The meat was juicy and was satisfying with every bite. Our favourite sides had to be the fried skinned potatoes — the crispy potato skin had us going for seconds!

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Located at club street, and served only one main “The Feather Blade Steak”.
4 sides to choose from potatoes, mushroom, spinach and Caesar.
The medium rare meat was tender, seasoned with salt and pepper and dipped into my fav sauce Sichuan peppercorn.
It’s Shiok 😋.
Top up $11 for topping like foie gras, sides $7 for each and sauce $2 for each.

reservation is required to avoid the Long queue. 📍The Feather Blade.
90 Club Street.

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The Feather Blade Steak [$21] is a secondary cut of meat and it unfortunately tastes like it was not picked first for a reason. Personally it could use a more severe sear to give it more flavour as the only flavour that’s coming from the meat is an oddly metallic liver like aftertaste that’s characteristic of frozen beef. I doubt that it’s frozen as the texture was not indicative of frozen beef and the livery taste can be attributed to the flat iron cut which contains more iron. So this is not particularly a jab at the handling of the beef, it was just unexpected. It was also a workout to eat.

The sides on the other hand were really great. The free popcorn was intensely buttery and truly the most memorable dish on the table. The creamed spinach [$7] was solid as well; I have yet to see an establishment mess up creamed spinach. The Roasted Potatoes w Beef Fat and Siracha Mayo [$7] was one to order as well. On first glance it looks almost too charred but the colour was not indicative of its taste. Honestly the beef fat wasn’t too present but considering the heady aroma of the buttery popcorn w the steak on the table, it didn’t need to be.

We ordered 2 different sauces to go w the beef. The Red Wine Sauce [$2] held its own and definitely imparted a sweet shalloty flavour to the steak, highly recommended as the steak gets one dimensional after the first few pieces. The Horseradish Cream [$2] was interesting, having the texture of whipped cream as opposed to a cream sauce. Flavour wise, it provides a cool milky note to the steak but frankly w the popcorn being the dairy heavyweight champ of the table, I would rather opt for perhaps a more piquant sauce.

The total bill was $70 for 2 pax, no drinks involved. Popcorn was free for the table. We had 2 steaks and 2 sides. If you’re in the area and craving some steak and buttery popcorn without wanting to break the bank, sure, give The Feather Blade a visit. They obviously have skill and passion, perhaps the cut of meat was just inherently subpar so just manage your expectations as you’re after all paying $21 for a decent portion of steak.