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What’s Pide (pronounced as “pea-dae”) is the creator of South Korea’s first pocket pide with a total of 11 outlets in Seoul. Each pide is unique as it is hand-kneaded and freshly baked daily. The technique and proprietary recipe give the otherwise firm traditional middle-eastern flatbread a spongier texture.

Each pide comes with romaine lettuce, shredded cabbage, tomato slices and a filling of one's choice. I really love how soft and springy the pide tastes and it makes a filling meal, especially when topped with fries (regular/spicy) and a drink for S$4. To add a personal touch, each wrapped pide comes with a handwritten cheery message. Yes, not printed but handwritten! This is a heartwarming gesture that will certainly put a smile on one's face.

Some of the pide-licious noms I have tried include:

1) Mrs. Park (S$9): The bulgogi beef slices are tender and well-seasoned. Pickled jalapenos and caramelised onions add a tangy-sweet taste dimension which I really enjoy.

2) Prawn Star (S$8.50): Full soft shell prawns (including the heads) are deep fried with a light batter to retain moisture as well as its natural umami. A drizzle of house-made kimchi mayo adds the perfect finishing touch.

3) Vanda Tea (S$3.50): The drinks menu here is just as exciting as the pide menu. Choose from an interesting range of coffee, nitro cold brews, special fizzies and ice cold beer to go with your pide orders.

Besides the pide creations featured here, there are three more available options, namely Hey! Lu Lu, Eda-san and Sofia's Meatballs. I cannot wait to go back and try these edible pockets full of joy!

What’s Pide
China Square Central
22 Cross Street
Unit No.: 01-63
Singapore 048421
Tel No.: 9389 0863




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Meet pide — a healthy Korean snack alike a hybrid-child of pita and buns. When in the Chinatown area, check out this new kiosk that doles out these hearty hot pockets. For a light lunch or a teatime snack, stop by for a chewy-licious Mrs Park ($9) featuring seasoned bulgogi beef, pickled jalapeños and caramelised onions with mixed greens. Our other favourite is the Eda-San ($7.50) with crunchy batter-fried edamame and creamy wasabi mayo. Pair your pides with the set ($4) that comes with Spicy Fries and bubbly Nutmeg Soda for a more substantial meal!
Photo by Burppler Eunice Sng


Looks like pita, but tastes like a mix between a fluffy Korean bun and pita, with a soft and chewy mouthfeel. Edamame battered to a crisp and fried, which made for a nice crunchy texture, coupled with a creamy, slightly spicy wasabi mayo made this a very nice combination. A good alternative if you’re looking for a fast and quick meal around the area!

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