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Durian Mousse Cake

$8.50 ยท 4 Reviews

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Durian aficionados, leg on over to Potong Pasir MRT to have the king of fruits many ways. From ice cream to choux puffs and cakes, there's something for everyone. The light and smooth Durian Mousse Cake ($8.50 per slice) is a no-brainer โ€” think fresh durian flesh atop spongy vanilla base that's studded with lightly salted, crunchy and Gula Melaka. For something easy on the go, the creamy Mao Shan Wang Puff ($3) is an excellent option to still get your durian fix. If not, get the Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream ($9 per cup) for hot day durian indulgences!
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

Moving into The Poiz Centre above Potong Pasir MRT Station recently, Ms Durian serves is a new cafe that serves up durian-centric desserts (think ice-cream, puffs and cakes), though does not serve the fruit itself.

Despite being the lighter tasting cake of the two that is available on the menu here, the Durian Mousse Cake is well-balanced in flavour. Featuring durian mousse, vanilla sponge, salted macadamia nuts and Gula Melaka, the durian mousse is light and smooth, carrying a hint of the pungent fruit that is pretty evident without overwhelming, all surrounded by a vanilla sponge that is fluffy and light, providing a cake with a contrast of flavour. On the top, the Gula Melaka and lightly salted macadamia nuts replicates flavours of salted caramel, while giving the cake a crunch. Really liked how the desserts here carry a clean aesthetic, whilst being well-executed and more refined in terms of flavour compared to other places that often have cheesy-looking aesthetics which can be a little pretentious. Would certainly be back to try the Durian Craquelin another time!


It's located at The Poiz (postal code 347694), right beside the exit of Potong Pasir MRT. They're newly opened! (soooo many congratulatory flower stands)

When we passed by on a Saturday night, only 3 slices of their durian mousse cake was left, along with their MSW ice cream and puffs. The owner was inviting and let us try their ice cream. It has the durian fibres (REAL DURIAN!) in them! thou the durian flavour could somehow be enriched alittle further. As we wanted to rest our legs, we gt a slice of their mousse cake.

The cake has a 2 layers of sponge which is ohsoolight! The chantilly cream and durian have the perfect marriage - you could taste the durian bits and fibres, yet the cream made it still light on your palate. I've never imagined that a durian cake can be so light, good for after-meals! ๐Ÿ˜‹

&Not to forget, those crumbs-looking thingy on the cake are actually ROASTED MACADAMIAS! SAY WHUTTTT? so atas! They're lightly salted and really provides a good crunch. Added dimension to the cake's texture!