Chirashi King Kong

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Unagi Truffle Rice Box - $11.90
You will not miss this shop as the truffle smell lingers around the shop. Serving flavoured truffle rice with a slab of Unagi at the top. Add $1 for the yuzu miso soup with fish chuck! Very satisfying lunch especially for truffle lovers
Chirashi King Kong

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King Kong Bowl ($14.90)
- Bluefin tuna belly, Minced tuna belly, Salmon roe
Toppings: Scallions, Jellyfish, Preserved vegetables, Wasabi
The truffle-infused soya sauce rice was very flavourful and had a hint of sesame seeds.
Love the flow of juices that the ikura provides, minced tuna was cold which I liked as it helped to provide more depth to the dish, but was not memorable tastewise.
The dish is overall really good and value-for-money but I needed all the wasabi they provided to cut through the soya sauce added to the rice which was slightly excessive after awhile
Price: 9/10
Taste: 8/10
Overall: 8.5/10

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Salmon Mentaiko Bowl ($9.90)
As I had just tried the same dish from Bao Makers ($14.80) earlier, I personally love this dish a lot more as it is far better than the one at Bao Makers.
The mentaiko flavour here was a lot stronger and a lot creamier. The salmon was only partially cooked, torched on the outside and raw on the inside, providing a contrast in textures to the dish. A substantial amount of salmon was also provided (Slightly more than that at Bao Makers).
Overall, while the rice was still overly saltish after awhile and required the wasabi to be mixed into the dish, would definitely come back again for this.
Price: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
Overall: 9/10 (Must-try)

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Plays it Japanese as filtered through a New York indie district. The truffle-perfumed, stickily sweet rice had tobiko bits to give it some squiggly crunch, while elsewhere the various forms of luxurious tuna offered shiveringly soft levels of pleasure. 4/5


Chirashi King Kong first started at Tanjong Pagar Plaza catering to the lunch crowds, they recently opened a second outlet here in Millennia Walk which open all the days including Sunday.

The salmon was well cooked and perfect match with the mentaiko together with the wasabi. $10.90

Otoro melts in your mouth and was divine as expected. The Japanese rice was sweet and surprisingly addictive - perhaps because of the sauce and furikake coating it?

Only (slight) shame was the minced otoro - while it was delicious, it was just a tad too mushy.

Just thinking about my return trip to Chirashi King Kong makes me happy 😊

Thanks @pinggo7 for introducing me to this gem! 😘

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Not king kong portion by any standards but still a nice comforting bowl when you're craving fats. Comes with a couple of pieces of fatty tuna and a nice dollop of minced tuna. Some ikura bits and random pickles completed the bowl. That rice mix below is worthy of a mention too.

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Scallop Saikyoyaki (S$13.90)
Available at @chirashikingkong
Ordered through @plumfoodsg
Received SMS when the food was ready for collection.
It was nice πŸ‘πŸΌ that the food was wrapped in thermal wrap with ice packs inside.
The scallops were soft and buttery topped with a layer of creamy sauce. The rice 🍚 was well flavoured with bits of ebiko for texture and hints of truffle aroma.
Chirashi King Kong
Address 🏠 : Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, # 02-06 Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 082 001
Tel ☎️ : 8551 1544
Open πŸ•” : Mon - Sat : 11am - 7pm
MRT πŸš‡ : Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

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Tried the scallop miso don from Chirashi King Kong using the Plum app and the scallops were pretty good, especially with the miso mayo being charred a bit. However, the rice was a bit too sticky and moist tasting for me, and I could only really taste the truffle in the rice a few times. The rice is really quite unique though- I think it has tobiko, pieces of mushroom (presumably for the truffle taste) and a light touch of sushi rice vinegar for the stickiness? Overall worth trying.

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