Premium Wagyu Don

$28.00 · 1 Review

Some days you just gotta treat yo-self right? The Premium Wagyu Don comes with a premium price tag of $28 but for the quality, it is worth it.

My don was served in 5 minutes after ordering, which was really quick considering I’ve seen some reviews that mention a wait time of 30 minutes. There’re 3 slices of thicker Wagyu beef on the right, and 5 very fine slices on the left of the bowl. The marbling on the Wagyu is amazing! They’re drenched in the grilling sauce, and laid atop shimeji mushrooms on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice. I was in awe of how tender and melt in your mouth these fatty beef slices were. Even my dad who doesn’t like beef really loved the thin slices! The thicker slices are grilled to medium doneness, revealing a juicy pinkish interior when bitten into. All the meat and mushrooms were dripping in mouth-watering savoury sauce that I wish they’d provided more of as the rice on its own was really plain and tasteless without sauce.

If you love beef, you will love this bowl and it’s definitely worth treating yourself once in a while :)

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