Burnt Caramel

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Crepe is soft but nothing out of the world. The place is very noisy due to poor noise absorbing.

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Pretty average and sweet dessert. Not sure what’s with the hype and long queue.

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Recommended by the staff - did not disappoint. Suitable for an afternoon tea in between meals or as a dessert. Goes well with the iced latte I ordered.

Bolognese crepe which was packed with wholesome ingredients such as minced veal, beef/pork bolognese and gruyere, cheddar and egg turns out to be my favourite order.

The burnt caramel crepe with butter is a more back to basics offering that is drenched in burnt caramel with a slab of butter. A sweet treat.

If you’re in the mood for some sweet crepes, then try Gather’s Burnt Caramel crepe ($14++). It may be a very simple crepe, but the quality of ingredients used is what makes it stand out from that random crepe stand.

Every crepe is freshly made to order and the smell of it reminds you of passing by a crêperie on one of your holidays. The crepe itself is thin, soft and chewy. A pat of Bordier butter, commonly touted to be one of the best butter available, is slathered on the piping hot crepe and allowed to slowly melt.

With the generous sprinkles of confectioner’s sugar and burnt caramel sauce drizzled all around the crepe, you may think that it’ll make you feel jelak (feel sick of eating). But rest assured, it’s nothing quite like that. It’s basically salted caramel that isn’t too sweet, slightly salty and has a smoky taste.

Although the price is a bit on the high side for what it is, it’s worth a try if this is your first visit here.

This is available for takeaway/ delivery during the CB period. So get yours now.

My first visit to Gather and i ordered their two most popular items, Burnt Caramel Crepe (sweet) and Off the Bone Galette (savoury)!

I enjoyed the Burnt Caramel Crepe (although its a tad overpriced), with the soft & eggy crepe soaking up the fragrant Bordier butter and burnt caramel really well! Seen many reviews talking about the noise situation, and i have to agree that it was really noisy when i dined there, so hopefully they can do something about this.

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For the sweet, it was worth noting that the Burnt Caramel ($14) was not very substantial given the price point. But the soft, thin and chewy crêpe presented a somewhat refined taste with the use of caramel and a pat of Bordier butter. A tad eggy, the crepe went well with the salty burnt caramel. Not too sweet, the drizzles were nutty, comforting though of a stronger profile. The melted butter also delivering a nice fragrance.


Went to try this after seeing pictures of this on Burpple - it tastes pretty decent and what you would expect from a crepe, but not something to rave about especially when it costs $14++. Probably more worth it if they add some scoops of ice cream or gelato to it.

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Come to this elegant space in Raffles Arcade Hotel for sweet crepes and savoury galettes that impress. Share the Off The Bone Galette ($16) — ham, cheese and an oozy yolk dusted in paprika powder — or the stunning Salami & Potatoes Galette ($18) with creamy brie. Then, move on to sweet crepes like the Crepe with Burnt Caramel and Butter ($16) or the Fig & Camembert ($16). Continue your conversation over a coffee of your choice!
Photo by Burppler Nobelle Liew

Finally a crepe eatery! Sadly the crepe scene hasn’t took off in sg but so glad that there’s a new cafe in town selling these!
Choose from sweet to savory crepe depending on your preference! We got to try the ‘Off The Bone galette’ which comes with ham, cheese and Egg and the ‘Burnt Caramel’ which was a sweet crepe were both pretty satisfying! Besides crepes, do check out their $10 ciders too! Grunted, not everyone pairs crepes with alcohol, but at $10 for a cider, it’s a pretty good steal!