From the Burpple community

As with the chilled desserts in the push carts, this tub of frozen lemonade was also completely frozen solid when we received it. The staff even warned us to be careful as it’s really cold. Almost impossible to scrape off any chunks of the frozen lemonade for at least 5 minutes, but on the plus side, it holds up well in the heat.

The tub is really huge, and it’s refreshingly cold and zesty. Might be a bit too sour for some, but if you like lemonade, this is pretty nice to pick up!

Perfect chilled item to pick up on a hot and sunny day at the park. For character themed foods, they have a Mickey ice cream stick, the Mickey ice cream sandwich and an Olaf popsicle.

The ice cream sandwich is basically two nestle chocolate cookies in the shape of Mickey’s face with cookies and cream ice cream right in the middle. All the desserts are frozen solid in the food stands and it is pretty hard to eat immediately, so give it some time to thaw. I did manage to bite off small pieces of the sandwich while waiting for the ice cream to soften though. Don’t expect a crunchy cookie, but it’s nice, soft and chocolatey, and goes well with the cookies and cream ice cream. Perhaps the plus about the sandwich being frozen solid is that it didn’t melt and get messy even after 10 minutes despite being out in the hot Californian sun at 3pm.

Nothing special, but if you’re looking for a cool snack or something Disney-themed, this would be something nice to pick up.