From the Burpple community

This is a MUST-ORDER at Disneyland if you eat meat. For approx USD12, you get this monster huge turkey leg. It’s no joke. We were worried that the turkey meat would be tough, but that’s definitely not the case. The meat gave almost as easily as a chicken thigh would, and it had a nice smokey flavour. There were so many layers of meat, it was enough for two of us to share for our lunch along with a pretzel. Or probably enough for one big eater and meat lover. The inner layers of meat weren’t as tender, but still delicious anyway!

It does get messy to eat, so I don’t recommend eating this on the go. Find a nice bench spot to sit down and start attacking the turkey leg. Make sure to get all the meat!

An easy street snack to pick up while you’re walking about the park and you have the option of getting the Mickey Pretzel with additional cheddar-flavoured cream cheese or without. We opted for the cream cheese, but actually the pretzel is already plenty good without it.

It’s gimmicky but the pretzel shaped as Mickey is super cute. It’s warm and chewy, sure to please any bread lovers. There’s Sea Salt sprinkled on top of it, which would’ve been great if we hadn’t taken the cream cheese, but having the salt and cheese together made it super salty. The cheese to pretzel ratio is also pretty off, wish we had some nachos or more pretzels to clean off the cheese with. Overall, this is one Disney gimmick I’m happy to pay for as the Mickey pretzel is really cute and tastes good too! Just either get two pretzels for one cheese spread, or skip the cheese entirely.