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From the Burpple community

It is an unassuming stall nested in the Maxwell food centre that we have decided to grab a drink from there to cool ourselves from the heat. Oh WOW! It was really a WOW moment for me when i drank the first mouth. Nice and fragance black sesame was the first flavour that hits me and followed by the sweetness from the fresh milk and sugar syrup. Love how the consistency was just right that it is not so thick like the dessert paste or thin as diluted drink.

Would definitely be back to try their other drinks soon! Probably going to give their yam fresh milk a try!


Fair warning given by the staff, who said the milk tea version of their pi pa gao drink tastes nicer but wanted something for a change so decided to go ahead with their black tea option. Moral of the story: always heed their advice peeps. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

This option is made with taro powder and it felt like the powder wasn’t fully dissolve as you can still see bits of it in the drink. Got the Herbal Jelly (again, I know) as free top up after collecting enough stamps on my card. Nothing interesting about it other than the fact that it helps you to cool down in this incubator like hawker centre 😥⁣

Mango Smoothie Macchiato was pretty average, nothing much to shout about and I would have preferred if there were more ice in it. The foam at the top was salty but I felt that it did not complemented the drink overall and was more like 2 components on their own. A little pricey for a drink like that, I will recommend trying out the other options. ⁣

A boba shop in a hawker centre, I almost gave them a miss if not for this particular item that caught my eye. Pi Pa Gao Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly, an interesting concoction, and given my love for pi pa gao, I decided to give it a shot. Best decision of the day! The staff informed me that they don’t add in sugar for this drink as they use the pi pa gao as a sweetener and they were right, the drink was pleasantly minty and sweet! The herbal jelly was so smooth, it simply glide down your throat. Best part is, it doesn’t get stuck among the ice cubes after you’re down with the drink like some other boba shops. Glad to say, I left the hawker with a soothed throat ☺️ fellow pi pa gao lovers please give it a try! ⁣

This is probably the cheapest brown sugar bubble tea in town for only $2.90 (smaller cup). It might not taste that great as those famous brand out there but it is an affordable price to have one.