[CLOSED] Double Durian

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Hot on the outside, cold on the inside, but that's about it. You're better off eating the regular fruit instead.

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Didn't help that this place is quite hard to find, prices were increased, they turned into some hipster vegetarian place and the baking took damn long but one bite of that flesh made everything better. Durian itself was really good, fragrant and creamy but the hot and charred exterior was incredibly stunning, esp when contrasted with the ice cream like interior. Quite worth it not only because of the novelty but simply because of the quality of the durian


Ying Yang Baked Durian - When an order is received, a few frozen durian flesh (with their seeds still intact) are removed from the chiller and immediately baked in the oven.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/double-durian/

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Although the presentation was gorgeous, the flavour was good, the meat was a bit on the tough side for ribs. Also had the yin yang durian, which was neither hot nor cold (?) Cafe itself was quite nice and staff were friendly, would return to try other dishes. Wish the set lunch could be brought back!

Just ate here today for lunch that ends at 3. The Lunch Set Menu has such variety, i counted at least 8 different dishes, largely western classics like pork ribs to salted egg chicken chops to pasta and to even a salmon fish and chips. Guess what? Most of these dishes are 8.80 and highest at 11.80? I mean Pork Ribs for 11.80? What a Steal no joke. And what's even better is that it comes with a drink, not just one standard ice tea or soft drink, but a whole variety of teas ranging from peppermint to longan, that are in-housemade?! Really unbelievable.

I got a BBQ chicken chop that came with fries and a salad. Each element was substantial and well done. In particular, the chicken was well grilled, and very well marinated. the fries, almost tasted like they were double fried. The salad, nothing to shout about, though is decent, liked the purple cabbage which gave a hint of bitterness to the otherwise sweet and tangy dish.

Service was also great, attentive staff. All round good deal and good food!

Although I haven't had what they are famous for: the ying yang durian, or the mills crepe (gonna try it right after this review).


I must it’s really fragrant and yummy, especially the charred outerskin which gave that light burnt flavour before your teeth sink into the creamy cold durian. Takes about 15mins for this frozen durians to be grilled. You may choose your own whole durian at seasonal price and top up just $5 to have the whole fruit grilled which takes up to 1h, while you enjoy your main course. Their mains are pretty decent too, especially love their ribeye steak which i shall share it soon! For now, just let your imagination run wild for this coveted grilled durian at this already crowded cafe gem hidden along 8 Hamilton Road.
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