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Dough Magic 扑面而来 specializes in handmade buns made with Taiwanese traditional recipes. Signature items include Golden Pumpkin Cake (金瓜发糕), Steamed Purple Taro Bun (紫薯馒头), Taiwanese Meat Pie (香酥肉饼) and Potato Cake with Bacon and Ham (马铃薯培根饼), just to name a few. Dough Magic 扑面而来 aims to serve the best quality food at affordable prices. Be prepared to be delighted by our tempting range of handmade buns and classic Chinese snacks which will definitely tantalize your taste buds.

1 Park Road
#01-K99B People's Park Complex
Singapore 059108

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09:00am - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

🍞 Black Sesame Bun
📍Dough Magic (@dough_magic_official)
📌 Chinatown
💰 $1.50

I would like to blame my trust issues on bakeries that make "black sesame" and "chicken floss" pastries that are mixed with other ingredients, with mung bean being the usual suspect.

When I first came across this bun at Dough Magic, I was super impressed at the display image showing a super thick and gao black sesame filling. Imagine my excitement to cut it open and see how generously stuffed it was.

But alas, upon tasting, I realised that once again, I had been TRICKED. CATFISHED. I felt like a naive old ah beh who got scammed by a sexy young lady on the internet once, swore that he would never fall for a scam again, then a few months later, getting his money SUCKED by another chiobu that slid into his DMs. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY??? THIS BLACK SESAME FILLING WAS MIXED WITH LOTUS PASTE!!!!!!! LEGIT!!!!! MIXED WITH LOTUS PASTE!!!!! IT AINT PURE BSSM LIKE I HAD HOPED!!!!!

Im still patiently waiting for the day that a bakery doesnt completely cheat my fillings by "diluting" their black sesame with some other weird ass ingredient. First it was green bean, now lotus paste. The lotus drowned out the black sesame taste a lot. I could still taste a faint nuttiness from the sesame, but majoroty of it was just sweet lotus.

For $1.50 this is still hella worth it as its generously stuffed and pretty hefty, just that you gotta be mentally prepared for the fact that its not pure black sesame. If you go into it with an expectation of lotus with a bit of bssm nuttiness, you'll probably enjoy this. This is a great bao minus the false advertising.

Anyways if anyone knows where to get real, catfish-less black sesame buns, pls hmu because everyday we stray further and further away from non-misleading marketing and it pains me to my black sesame loving soul.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 filet mignon adubidubiduba nyon
🤑 worth the price: yes
🦖 would I buy again: yes but not for the bssm element
💍 would I marry: we would get engaged but then we would break it off the moment I learn that when he said he was a millionaire, he meant that he had a million rupiah in the bank

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sesame cake with brown sugar paste (“black sugar, 黑糖”) ($2.50)
⭐️ 5/5
a mUSTTT try. the texture of the bun is pretty reminiscent of its hot cousin, butterfly fritters. a crispy and slightly oily shell with a fluffy interior. the sweet filling is ugh just heavenly, think of a gooey, warm, generous filling of black sugar (essentially brown sugar but cooler) + sweet ( red )bean filling?? with some toasted sesame seeds!! absolutely a mUSTT TRY

little hack for y’all if u takeaway the buns from here. air fry / bake them on high til they get crispy and fragrant and the filling gets all warm and gooeyy without any soggy oily bun :))

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pancake was veryyyy starchy and dumpling skin was super thick.

we thought the dumplings would have some sort of sauce (maybe chilli oil) but it was served ice cold and dry. may not return :(

From one of the stalls at peoples park OG.

I usually shun the stalls seemingly operated by Chinese nationals ( because of fear of hygiene standards ) , so it is good to find locals Manning this one ( sorry for my biases) 🥺

Jump straight at getting these meat buns ( 3 for 2.50). The pap pastry is QQ and made by hand - Chewy and not sticky and the meat fillings are juicy and well marinated.

Be sure to eat them pipping hot !

Simply avoid all the sweet buns from this stall because those are factory made and the fillings are miserable.

Always passed by Dough Magic when taking away liang pi from the stall opposite. Finally bought one to try! A pity that the bao wasn’t the best in terms of fluffiness and was rather dry. Not a bad portion of filling, though I’d like it more grainy and stronger in its black sesame flavour instead of how it’s more of a combi of black sesame + lotus paste.

Look at that filling to dough ratio. If I had to be super picky, the bun is a bit on the denser side and it is not as fragrant as other buns. But I'm not complaining - definitely worth a buy (and another).