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From the Burpple community

Tried 5 Peking Ducks in Beijing, and would rank this somewhere in the middle. Surprise, surprise.

Da Dong is synonymous to its specialty, super-lean roast duck.
Instead of the traditional square oven, Da Dong uses an innovative spherical wood fired oven in cooking Peking Duck.

Billed as the modern, healthy way to eat roast duck, Da Dong Roast Duck is famous for being roasted in a leaner and less fatty way than traditional methods.


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You eat the meat and skin with wrap and a puff bun. There isn't any other duck dishes unlike in Malaysia/Singapore. What was surprising if they also eat the duck skin with sugar. We also had the egg plant. Lots of garlic and star anise. To end the meal, the restaurant provided first complimentary soup, then desert of the day and then a plate of crab apples. It is on the pricy side but we spent only 230 yuan for 2 of us. There were lots of designer dishes we didn't try. #burpple #eatinginbeijing #pekingduck #dadong #eeeeeats #foodporn #foodphotography #duck #crabapple

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