From the Burpple community

Have it hot! Else the dumpling skin sticks to the plate ^^ Overall a so-so dumpling with fresh grouper inside!

Eye-fascinating experience - just take a look at the presentation of the crab cake! The crab cake is made on a crab shell, oven-baked then transferred to the gold casing. Beneath the crusty crumbs are moist, flavourful crab meat! Small tasting portion, good for lunch especially when there are many other items to try!

Exquisite abalone tart from Michelin-rated Duddell’s restaurant is indeed...exquisite in taste! 1 whole abalone sits on a mix of complements!(sorry I can’t recall the fine details!)

We chose the 1-Star @duddellshk because we wanted Hong Kong (dim sum) on a plate with champagne, wine and cocktails. The food didn’t disappoint but in fact, empathized that awesome food can be served under pressure (buffet style); and the bartenders, They were continuously shaking and stirring for 3h straight.

Underwhelming and overpriced