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No excuse needed to throw me a noods and dumpling party!

Getting my fix and settling my family’s meal for the day, the Dumpling Party for 4 ($75/ free delivery with code PARTY4) is a set featuring 30 dumplings (a mix of 3 flavours) and 4 boxes of egg noodles. Ordered off Dumpling Darlings' website, I chose all my favourites - Pan Fried Smoked Duck, Deep Fried Pierogis, and Pan Fried Original Dumpling with Miso Mushroom Noodles as well as Braised Pork Noodles. The pan-fried dumplings were just as good as I remembered with flavourful chunks of smoked duck in the former and yummy minced pork collar stuffed in the OG. And of course, for the Fried Pierogi, it would have been best served there pipping hot but still travelled relatively well. The noodles too, were two thumbs up with perfectly halved Hanjuku Eggs!

Islandwide delivery with a minimum order of $80. Order via

📍Dumpling Darlings📍
💸Dumpling Party for 4 Persons: $75
💸Braised Pork Noodles: $7.50
Been wanting to try dumpling darlings since forever and finally got our hands on it for the fam thanks to their islandwide delivery (free delivery for this set yay!!) This set comes with a 30 dumplings mixed platter and 4 noodles boxes - we choose the pan fried original dumpling, pan fried veggie mandu, pan fried smoked duck, braised pork egg noodles and sichuan egg noodles🥟🥢 Got to say our favourite dumpling was the veggie mandu, a vegetarian option yet so flavourable and has a very meaty texture thanks to the mushrooms🤤Noodles wise, definitely prefer the sichuan noodles for that extra hint of spiceness🥳 The noodles and dumplings felt a tad too oily but totally worth the calories inhaled!! Also added on an extra box of noodles and together with the dumpling platter, it can comfortably feed 5 people💃

I am a true blue Asian who loves her dumplings with a burning passion. Feeling one of these meat-packed morsels explode in my mouth when I bite into them is one of the most euphoric feelings ever, and I can easily down over a dozen of these in one sitting. Dumpling Darlings was created for people like me and the perpetual long, snaking queues are testament to how damn good these dumplings are. They don’t sell your usual meat and chive dumplings; they have a variety of interesting and unique creations that’ll leave any dumpling lover quaking. From smoked duck dumplings to even desert dumplings (sounds weird but a bite of this will send you to heaven), you’ll be left spoilt for choice. My favourite is the Fried Pierogi Dumplings which features smoked bacon, truffle potato, caramelised onion, cheddar and sriracha cream all packed into one perfectly charred dough wrapping. If you’re like me and can’t choose, I recommend opting for their Dumpling Platter of 15 where for just $20, you get to sample all 5 of their savoury dumpling variations.

Can't remember how many times I had this. Ordered their party for 4 due to circuit breaker. Can't go to work, so call delivery! Had my usual miso mushroom noodles, the saltiness is just right for me, but just have to make sure to mix it well! Sichuan pork noodles is good too, with a little spiciness to it. The best part is definitely the dumplings! Fried pierogis are my favourite! Not too cheesy and not jelat at all! First tried this place when it was on burrple 1 for 1. Hope they will be on it again soon!

After hearing friends rave about this place and reading 5-star reviews of it on Google, Dumpling Darlings had a lot to live up to for me.

Sad to say but the food there wasn’t quite as darling as I thought it’d be. I got the lunch set ($16) which included noodles (I got miso mushroom), 4 pieces of dumplings (went with the smoked duck) and a drink (had the longan osmathus pu er).

🍜: firm but not quite chewy like Eng’s. I appreciated the generous helping of mushroom and the hanjuku egg that came along with it, but it was basically atas bak chor mee. At least the portion size was just right.

🥟: nothing quite special about how the dumpling was prepared — it tasted like smoked duck rolled up in wanton skin. That they were dripping laying in a pool of grease didn’t quite help.

🍹: possibly the saving grace of the set, it was handcrafted upon order and tasted lovely.

Was it worth $18.80 (with GST and service charge)? Not quite. Food was alright and service was patchy, with staff complaining right in front of customers sat at the bar.

It’s worth a try if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t make a special trek here for it — wanton or bak chor mee from the hawker/food court can easily hit the spot without the steep price. 💸

Ordered Pierogi (6pc), Gyoza (6pc) and Sichuan Noodle


Enjoyed the noodles the best out of all 3. The sauce was not too spicy and paired well with the minced meat and other condiments. texture of the noodles were perfectly bouncy and chewy.

I liked the gyoza much more than the pierogi, which was quite cheesy/creamy