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From the Burpple community

Ikan Bilis Vadai

💸 $1.50

This is my favourite type of Indian snack! And hers is the best I’ve had so far! Very crispy exterior with lots of ikan bilis and crunchy peanut bits 🥜 love to have it with the green chilli 😋 will try the prawn or veggie vadai next


Never seen or tried this old school dish Tau Kwa Pau before. $1.50 per piece of deep fried firm tofu cut into half, stuffed with fishcake, fried yam bits, hard boiled egg, braised pork belly & cucumber, all chopped up. Served with braised duck thick gravy and v aromatic special chilli sauce 🌶 If only it’s warm, will taste even better

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Located on the second level, this Chicken Rice stall run by an elderly couple, gets my vote for best breakfast/rainy day porridge. I’ll usually have the Minced Pork Porridge with a raw Egg (no extra charge). Porridge consistency is thick, almost congee like, and served with generous amounts of YouTiao and Spring Onions.


Dunman Road Char Siew Wanton Mee ($3.50) Nothing special about the wanton and cha siew. Maybe what others like is the texture of the noodle and chilli 🌶
Location: 271 Onan Road #02-19.
Dunman Food Centre, Singapore 424768.
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HK style at 20$ for the fish and 5$ for the vege

Eng’s or Dunman Char Siew Wanton Mee? Regardless, we definitely enjoyed this Wanton Mee, for its old school taste as well as its fiery chilli which was a big hit for us. The Wantons were also delicious. But perhaps, the feel of eating in the non-crowded food centre added a pleasant and comforting touch compared to the former.
There are few other good eats here, including duck rice, vadai; and the yummy chicken rice porridge which had a long queue this morning.
The chicken was tender while the flavourful porridge was a yummy alternative to rice. They offered chicken, pork, fish or plain porridge for more options too.
A small but great food centre packed with good food, only drawback was the limited parking.

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