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#01-44 East Coast Lagoon Food Centre
Singapore 468960

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East Coast Park with the sun, sea, and beaches in its full glory - one of the best ways to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning in Singapore. Of course, no outing in Singapore can be complete without food. And what best place to satisfy any local food cravings than the good old hawker centre!

We bought two items to share between three of us for a sneaky afternoon snack. The Taupok set feels like a refined take on its famous cousin, the traditional Rojak. With the sauce separated from the crispy youtiaos and grilled taupoks stuffed generously with fresh cucumber shreds and beansprouts, this dish is actually much crispier and surprisingly refreshing. Topped off with thin slices of flavourful cuttlefish and crushed peanuts, it’s a good option to savour the most popular items of the traditional fruit salad of the tropics. Matched with the chicken wing grilled to perfection with crispy thin skin and tender meat, it’s a great way to enjoy the weekends with friends and loved ones.

Pro-tip: this is a popular evening hangout spot so not all stalls would be open before 5pm. Visit during lunchtime or the afternoon to avoid the crowd, but if you’re up for it, head down during dinner time to fully soak in the atmosphere!

This is one of my parents’ favourite carrot cake- with plenty of egg encasing the soft kueh, tons of spring onions, and prawns! I really liked it, but my parents griped that it was a different person cooking that day and it’s normally better, so oh well! Still loved it nonetheless.

Heh, what a better way to find food recommendations ya? From one good food to another. 😁 the fried Hokkien mee at Choon Hiang has slightly more beehoon than usual so it actually feels less starchy compared to other Hokkien mee, perfect for small eaters! I had both the carrot cake and the Hokkien mee to myself. 🤣😋 the Hokkien mee served here is the dry variant but rest assured! It's dry because the stock has sufficiently been absorbed into the noodles and beehoon, giving it its flavour! The lack of prawns and sotong here is because of my allergy to seafood but I enjoyed it nonetheless! - 👴🏻 #burpple

Patronise another stall in the same row and ask the stall owner there. Ideally, the stall owner should be an old uncle or old auntie who looks like someone with trustworthy taste buds. 😁😁 that's how I arrived with the decision of trying their white carrot cake and man, it was the perfect decision. Strong wok hei, slightly charred eggs to give it some crisp and fluffy soft radish. My friends who pinched a little from my plate went to buy a plate for themselves after their meal! It's that good! Feeling supper hungry yet? - 👴🏻

Song Kee Fried Oyster wasn't open yet so I had to settle for this. Big mistake. Swimming in stale oil, the overly starchy mass was heavy on the palate, whilst elsewhere the oysters were not only pitifully tiny, they also verged on tasting almost off. Possibly the worst oyster omelette I've had.

East Coast Lagoon Food Centre

Taste: 2/5

Nothing particularly outstanding about this carrot cake, other than that it's flattened on the frying pan to form a thin layer of slightly crispy crust. Besides that, it lacked flavour, fluffiness, chai po and I had to ask for chilli sauce instead of it being freely given.

Lagoon Carrot Cake #01-40
East Coast Lagoon Food Centre

Taste: 3/5

Nothing beats sitting down to a satisfying dinner after a long day of exploring Singapore, so make plans to visit this hawker option in the East. Come nightfall, East Coast Lagoon Food Village bustles with activity — hawkers are whizzing through the dimly-lit maze of tables with piping hot dishes, tables are covered with plates of food and empty clam shells and there's laughter all around. Start with the easier orders: Charcoal BBQ Chicken Wings ($1.30) from Ah Hwee BBQ Chicken (#01-14) and Satay (skewered meats)($0.70, minimum 10 sticks) from Haron 30 Satay (#01-55). Choose to have the latter in three different proteins — chicken, mutton or beef and be sure to add on a dumpling of compressed rice (Ketupat, S$0.50), to dip into the lusciously rich peanut sauce. Then, head to Stingray Forever BBQ Seafood (#01-43) to secure a BBQ Stingray (from $12) for your table. The large slice of stingray is slathered generously with fiery sambal sauce before grilling it in a banana leaf to give it its distinctive smoky flavour. Add a squeeze of lime over the fish before tucking in! For more dishes, venture off to find the Oyster Omelette (from $4) from Song Kee Fried Oyster (#01-15) and the Black and White Carrot Cake (from $4) from Lagoon Carrot Cake (#01-40) — both come highly recommended by our Burpple community.
Photos by Burpplers Veronica Phua, Gaik Kee Deewi Tan, Ong Chin Meng Zidane and Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim

Popiah from #01-40 and oyster omelette from Song Kee. Quite deserted cos I went at 3pm. It was far too hot to eat but I did notice that the oyster omelette was not oily. I also enjoyed the vinegary chili sauce.

Great pasta! Chucked at one corner of the village, this newly opened store seem quite receptive to feedbacks too! Prolly come back the next time for their salted egg cutlet!

Satay: $8.40
Black & White Carrot Cake: $5
The black one is fried with dark soy sauce which also gives it’s sweetness,whereas the white one is where the carrot cake is fried with beaten eggs to form a crispy crust.

This is Teochew version Bak Kut Teh with clear soup and peppery taste.

Winner of the best ultimate satay challenge!
Need not say more. The stall to go to for satays & BBQ chicken wings when you're at ECP.

🍢 Haron Satay 55

Sambal stingray infused with the fragrance of banana leaves, bbq-ed chicken wings grilled to perfection, fresh cockles dipped in zesty lime chilli, delicious oyster omelettes, tasty hokkien prawn mee and fragrant yang zhou fried rice. It was the perfect supper combination! If you're looking for an ideal wallet-friendly supper spot that can satisfy the various food cravings of members in a large group, look no further than East Coast Lagoon Food Village. You'll be in taste-bud heaven from the very first bite. ;)

Very blessed to be part of Singapore Annual Food Festival 2016 where we kick start the celebration (15-31 July) with "Hawker Spotlight" at East Coast Lagoon Food Village.
Led by our very own food connoisseur, Mr Moses Lim, we were introduced to 5 really yummy stalls. Pictured here the Fish Head Curry from 東方虹美食 (#01-37) was one of my favourite. Loved the super thick and aromatic curry that gets you hooked from the first sip!
Thank you @visit_singapore and City Gas for the interesting and yummy afternoon!

Mr. Ang’s popiah won the “Best of the Best” popiah in City Hawker Food Hunt last year. The popiah was generously filled and has a good combination of textures. 

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