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You shouldn't have to make the agonising decision between a red bean or peanut pancake if you love them both. At just 90 cents, you can get a mix of both red bean and peanut for the ultimate pancake here! There is almost always a queue for these soft, pillowy parcels, but you can pre-order a box for a mid-day treat for you and your colleagues.

Long queue for coffee here every morning. Ordered this kaya butter 太空面包 (that's what they called it which is kinda cute) , tea and eggs for only $3.80. It's crispy at the sides, soft but a little dry inside (I shall not scrimp on the butter next time). Overall a cheap happy meal to start the day.


Thankful for my colleague's teatime treat with this gem of a banchiangkueh (peanut pancake) - one of the best I've ever had and a good bang for the buck. For only 90 cents, this fluffy and pillowy soft pancake is generously filled with either red bean, peanut or like my case, a glorious mix of both. So darn good I bought it again. There is almost always a queue; some people order in advance and really buy a lot! Uncle Frankie opens only on weekdays and stops selling by 3 or 4pm, but do call and order by 2plus.

Best ever Fish Soup I've ever tasted. Ample amount of ingredients and fish. Taberu must try!!

From Eden Garden Cafe
White BeeHoon ($3.40)with fried egg, tau kwa and cabbages.
Kopi O ($1.10)

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