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From the Burpple community

LEGENDARY. I've got so many good things to say but tldr; MUST ORDER

First of all the taste profile is v similar to Royce matcha Nama chocolate, which we all know is delicious.

On top of that, there's a biscuity crust at the bottom which adds to the textural variance.

It's densely fudge and has a bit of that cake-like pleasurable texture.

There's a bit of umami in the middle, but just a hint.

It's topped w bitter matcha powder, giving it class lol.

One of the best bakes I've had this year, if not THE best, and lately I've been eating a lot of bakes.

My brother is very picky and he usually says it's not bad or decent, he came to me of his own accord and told me this was v good.

Cross between cake-like and fudgy, the individual components were both okay but didn't seem to gel well. It's passable but why get this when you can get their matcha blondies for the exact same price? Portion isn't too big btw, each one is a two biter

Bundle consists of:
- 1 box of 6 Earl Grey Brownies
- 1 box of 6 Hazelnut Brownies
- 1 box of 6 Matcha Blondies
- 1 box of 6 Sea Salted Speculoos Blondies


This was light and moist. The cold honey cream was a good complement to the spongy cake. The one I had in Tasmania was nicer, but I did enjoy this!

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Edith has been on my list of places to try for years, but I’ve always skipped it due to the absence of dine-in facilities. My generous friend gifted me with a box of hazelnut brownies ($9 for 6 squares) - finally an opportunity to try its highly raved bakes! The brownie is made with a rich chocolate, sweet with a tinge of bitterness. There is a hint of orange before the nutty flavour sets in. They recommend leaving it out for 30 min before consumption - best way for it to achieve a beautiful fudge consistency! Can’t wait to try their cakes and tarts 🌟

Had seen this popping up on social media so many times last year and have always wondered what would this taste like.

Happened to be in the vicinity so I finally got my hands on the Matcha variant. The green tea custard was so on point! I really like the matcha custard a lot. It was luscious and filled with bitter sweet goodness. The tart shell was buttery crisp and really goes well with the custard.

The bobbas were a little hard, which was an indication that they had been cooked for quite some time.Don't think they are great ingredients for bakes since their chewy texture is only possible if they are well hydrated in beverages.Nevertheless, glad to finally tasting bobba with tea custard tarts.

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