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From the Burpple community

You'd think that's too much whipped cream....but honestly, that's like the best whipped cream I've ever tasted. I wouldn't say the pancakes were the best because they weren't fluffy or anything, but it was the toppings...the fresh blueberries and WHIPPED CREAM that worked really well with the ordinary pancakes that kept me going back for more bites :p Almost everyone around me finished their whipped cream. It's THAT good!! and not gelat at all. doesn't leave a super oily, buttery and gross feeling lololol.

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Speaking of no more normal pancakes from my previous post, I clearly lied. We walked around Shibuya (or was it Harajuku? I forgot) and managed to find this cafe. There was a line, so we had to wait. Once we were seated, we immediately ordered this. Waited quite a bit and it arrived. Not as amazing looking as the soufflé pancakes we had back in Fleur Kyoto, but this is still good. Very fattening and unhealthy, if I may add. Look at the amount of whipped cream, it’s like Mount Fuji on its own alright. There was also a scoop of vanilla ice cream by the side if I remember correctly. We took the sour toppings (pineapple and stuff) so that it balances out the sweetness. Will we queue again for this? Yes.

P/S: I saw it in Singapore a week after I came back. I was so tempted to go..