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1 Kim Seng Promenade
#01-122 Great World
Singapore 237994

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11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Really impressed with how every dish was a hit at this place. I heard it was good but didn’t expect it to be this good! They have a great 6 course at $28. Can’t wait to come back and try everything.

French Toast with Truffle Ice cream 5/5
- Hands down the BEST french toast i’ve ever had in my life! I really love how the french toast didn’t feel oily or greasy at all. The french toast was thick, nicely covered in egg wash and is SUPER SOFT, MOIST, FRESH and FLUFFY! In between the toast lies a layer of aromatic smooth slight salted peanut butter.
- The Truffle ice-cream tasted like vanilla ice-cream with a very subtle hint of truffle aroma (wished it could be stronger). I kind of find the icecream a little too sweet for my tastebuds (i don’t really love sweet food/my sugar-tolerance is low so i think most people will like this sweetness level). Nonetheless, the combination of the soft, fluffy and warm savoury french toast with the cold sweet truffle ice-cream is DIVINE!! The sweetness of the truffle icecream was a PERFECT substitution for “honey” added to french toast. Will choose truffle icecream over honey for my french toast any day~ And the savouriness of the peanut butter really balanced/cut the sweetness of the icecream. The almond crumbs really added a nice crunch dimension to this dish
- Please make this french toast permanent on the menu!!! BIG LOVESS This is by far my 2nd most favourite elemen dessert (my 1st is still the pumpkin puree with coconut icecream)

8. Ice Truffle Coarse salt rose drink (4.75/5)
- Although I could not taste any truffle aroma in this drink, i really love the fragrance of the rose (which was distinct and strong). This cooling savoury rose drink is really a great thrift-quencher. Super refreshing!! Overall Taste for the TRUFFLE-licious menu: 4.7/5
•Ambience: 4.5/5 Nice cozy restaurant
•Service: 5/5 Warmth and nice; love how the staffs explain the dishes that the served
•Worth it: 5/5

No go
Can go

#burpple #elemen #elemensg #elemenclassic #meatless #meatlessSG #vegetarianinSG

Yellow Pumpkin with Truffle in Mushroom cream sauce 5/5
- This is my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE dish in the truffle-licious menu. I really LOVE how the pumpkin croquette wasnt overly fried. The exterior of the croquette was crispy while the soft mashed pumpkin inside was naturally sweet, moist and tender. SUPER GOOD and non-greasy at all! Love the harmony between the thick mushroom cream sauce and the croquette, coupled with hint of truffle fragrance from the truffle powder; PERFECT ❤

6. Golden Brown Truffle Ravioli 4.99/5
- This dish consists of crispy fried truffle ravioli and cream sauce, drizzled with white truffle oil. - Initially, the fried ravioli felt a little too dry/overly-fried. However, the more it got soaked in the cream sauce, the better it gets. The ravioli became more moist while retaining its exterior crispness. We really love the soft and creamy fillings inside the ravioli! Despite it being cream-based, the more we ate the more addictive it got~ and non-jelat at all.

#burpple #elemen #elemensg #elemenclassic #meatless #meatlessSG #vegetarianinSG

You can read my previous review for the other Elemen outlets.

Elemen [email protected] city offers a different menu from other Elemen outlets~ with more truffle based dishes and also their popular selections from past menu with a more enhanced classic plating.
1) Appetiser
-Pickled cherry tomato in plum sauce, pickled cucumber and jelly 3.75/5

2) Truffle bread sticks with blueberry yogurt sauce.
-The bread sticks were served warm and it was so chewy and fluffy with prominent truffle aroma🤤😍 The blueberry sauce was flavourful with a slight sweet-sour tinge 4.75/5

3) Salad: Winged bean with honey yuzu sauce
-The sauce was a little too sweet for my liking.

4) Soup: Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower with Peach Gum in Superior Soup
-This is by far the best soup that i had from elemen in all these years. The soup had a robust flavour of cordyceps from the hours of double-boiling 4.5/5

5) Pink Salt tofu with purple roll
-The pink salt tofu had a nicely crisp savoury exterior that perfectly harmonised with the soft silky interior.
-For the purple rice roll, the cucumber inside elevated the whole texture of the sushi, giving it a very nice crunch. Topped with cereal oats, curry leaf and chilli padi, it gave us the feeling of eating cereal prawns. Love that spicy kick from that chilli padi 4.75/5

6) Stir-fried angel hair pasta in black truffle sauce
-The black truffle taste was very distinct and flavourful complementing well with the angel hair pasta. This dish feels very similar to cold capellini pasta with truffle oil and caviar with the exception that it is served warm and the pasta was slightly too overcooked for my liking. 4/5

7) Pink salt coffee 5/5

8) Iced lychee rose
-Light and refreshing with fizziness from the soda

9) Purple rice porridge with coconut ice-cream
-The porridge was a little too sweet for my liking. Luckily the fragrant coconut icecream was less sweet, reducing the overall sweetness of this dish. 4.25/5

10) Chocolate lava cake
-Moist and gooey 4.5/5

Can go
No go
MUST GO😊 as previously reviewed


Most might form an impression that vegetarians is all about mock meat, but that’s not true. @ElemenSG uses natural ingredients and superfood, bringing delicious and wholesome meatless dishes to the table.

Elemen Classic menu includes all the popular and beloved dishes of Elemen, plus new outlet exclusive dishes like:
* Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower with Peach Gum in Superior Soup 虫草桃胶炖汤 ($10.80)
* Truffle Broth Ramen 松露拉面 ($14.80)
* Kale Tofu with Wild Rice 羽衣甘蓝豆腐竹筒饭($15.80)
* Stir-fried Brown Rice with Preserved Bean Curd 腐乳糙米炒饭 ($16.80)
* Laksa Fettucine 叻沙意面 ($16.80)

Guests can choose to order a la carte dishes, or indulge in the six-course ($28.80/person) or eight-course sets ($32.80/person)

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Super refreshing but I still prefer the Rose Lychee that I've posted previously.
Kale Tofu with Wild Rice [$15.80]
This is definitely my favourite dish at @elemensg! They are vegetarian friendly too!