7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 081007

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10:00am - 06:00pm

10:00am - 06:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Got the pie fresh out of the oven. Loved the top crust, very flaky and rich. Personally, I felt that I would better if there was more filling (and scallops) and the bottom crust was abit too thick. On the other hand, it maybe necessary to maintain the integrity of the pie.

Would I get it again? Unlikely


Pretty small portion for the price but it’s good for hot weathers. Takes some effort to stir the thick syrup into the drink. Quite citrusy but not sour

Newly-occupying a warm and cosy space in Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Elijah Pies has been on my list of desserts to try for quite some time now ever since they started to trend during circuit breaker. We headed over on a Saturday afternoon and were first in line, but due to the limited seatings we waited for about 15min before being seated.

Spoilt for choice by the extensive options of pies, both sweet and savoury, we finally settled on the signature Wild Berry Lavender Pie ($7.90), the Warm Apple Pie ($12.90), and an Iced Yuzu White Tea ($7.90). The Lavender Pie was true to its name with strong Lavender flavours that doesn't cross into the territory of air fresheners, and also wasn't overly tart with just a right amount of berry taste. We also loved the Apple pie which had buttery, flaky pastry and was topped with thin apple slices. Apple chunks also gave the sweet apple pie filling with some bite. Overall, both pies were splendid! On the other hand, the Yuzu White tea was unmemorable and frankly wasn't worth the price.

Come at a less busy time to avoid waiting in line for long, or just takeaway some pies and have a picnic nearby. Will definitely return to try the other pies!

Raspberry Ripple Pie - $7.90
Visually enticing with swirls of raspberry compote and cream cheese. Pie is sparingly topped with roasted pistachios. Could be sweeter for a berries’ pie, maybe I will try the chocolate version next time
Elijah Pies

really like the cosy muji - home style interior👍 you can enjoy their signature artisanal pies like the wild blueberry lavender pie 🫐 which is too beautiful to eat 🥰 They also have savoury pies like seaweed chicken pot pie (will try next time) and botanical themed drinks ( got their elderflower white tea and elderflower grapefruit) 🌸

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Elijah Pies is probably a name that should be fairly familiar with folks whom are following much of what is happening within the F&B scene in Singapore; a name that has already been in the industry for quite a while, Elijah Pies has been best associated with their dessert pies. Having been through a long journey in the F&B scene in Singapore, Elijah Pies had never quite had a physical presence in the form of a dine-in bakery / cafe ever since its inception — instead, the brand has mostly established its presence as an online-based business with a baking studio set-up in 2021 that is meant for takeaways and order collections. This is set to change in 2023 however; it does seem like quite the right time, especially considering how most of the safety management measures implemented in-lieu of COVID-19 have since been lifted and how life has gone back to normalcy for quite a fair amount of time — Elijah Pies had finally expanded and opened their very first dine-in outlet at Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, taking over the space formerly occupied by the now-defunct Dessert Bay. The space had seen a total revamped; the interior now sports a Japandi-inspired design scheme — there is a vast use of wooden and marble-esque elements amongst cushioned seats, with a faux fireplace situated at the end of the space that helps to add a cosier feel to the space. It is needless to say that the Tanjong Pagar Plaza space carries their line-up of dessert pies on the menu — available in either per slice or whole pie formats, as well as their Mini Pies. Other items that are newly-introduced with the opening of their new outlet includes a Warm Apple Pie, as well as a series of Savoury Pies. Elijah Pies also offers a rather interesting line-up of beverages — this includes special concoctions like the Vanilla Pistachio from the Nutty Creations section and the Grapefruit Elderflower from the Sparklies section as well.

Having read through quite a number of articles on social media pertaining to Elijah Pie’s opening of their dine-in cafe at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, we had been especially interested in making a visit down to the cafe to give their range of Savoury Pies a try. We made our visit during mid-afternoon on their opening weekend — though there were quite a number of Savoury Pies being listed on the menu, we were told that only the Scallop Chowder Pie and the Mac N’ Cheese Pie were available by the time we made our visit. The Mac N’ Cheese Pie is described in the menu to come with elements such as macaroni, cheese, beef salami and chives; it also comes garnished with onion crumbles. Unlike the dessert pies which have already been prepared prior and just needs to be sliced out to be served to the patrons, the range of Savoury Pies are 4”inch whole pies that are prepared only upon order — this would mean that there will be some waiting time involved for the range of Savoury Pies to be served to the table. The Mac N’ Cheese Pie comes piping hot — slicing down the pie itself, the insides reveal a Mac N’ Cheese filling — the melted cheese itself being oozy, gooey and stringy. Digging into the Mac N’ Cheese Pie, we found it very difficult to dislike the dish — it is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser that is done well; apart from all that savoury and stretchy cheese, one could most certainly feel a bit of that bouncy macaroni that provides for a good chew. The filling also featured rather small bits of beef salami that seemed to replicate that of bacon bits — an addition that provided yet another degree of savouriness for the dish, though unlike bacon bits, does not push the dish towards being overly salty, while the onion crumbles did provide a good crunch for a contrast of textures for the item. The pie base was also well-executed here; we felt that the pie base itself carried much rigidity to hold up everything all that heft that comes above it — all that whilst being easy to actually slice through whilst being a little buttery to further enhance the notes of the savoury pie. Overall, a good attempt on a savoury pie considering how Elijah Pies had been known for their dessert pies instead.

Elijah Pies had most certainly been through quite a lot from its humble beginnings — they have been established way before the wave of home-based businesses had started during the height of COVID-19; pretty much a brand that is recognisable to those whom are well aware of the ins and outs of the F&B scene as well. The opening of their dine-in cafe at Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza has marked a new chapter in the making for their journey in the F&B scene — this is especially considering how Elijah Pies had never been quite known as a name that would be doing cafe operations; much of its operations previously were more tuned towards takeaways or through orders-only. One could indeed see how Elijah Pies had placed quite a lot of effort and emphasis in the opening of their first dine-in operations; not only did it seem that there is a lot of work placed in the renovations of the space, the offering of savoury pies is also something that Elijah Pies have introduced as an attempt to provide something new for those whom have given their dessert pies a go. The Mac N’ Cheese Pie is one creation that Elijah Pies seem to have gotten right — a classic crowd-pleaser that is done well; all incorporated into the form of a pie which is the central to Elijah Pie’s branding. We had also given their Pandan Coconut Pie a go as well; the Pandan Coconut Pie being one of the examples of why Elijah Pies had gotten its reputation behind its brand name over the years — a very well-designed dessert pie that is not overly sweet, yet carried very familiar notes of Pandan and Gula Melaka that would be a hit with locals given its likeness to Ondeh Ondeh in its flavours. Prices of the pies at Elijah Pies are rather reasonable — the slices of dessert pies are priced from $7.50 to $7.90, while the savoury pies are priced slightly higher between $12.90 and $15.90. Elijah Pies is definitely one of those spots that is worth checking out at least once; they do serve up some well-executed pies with some thought and a dash of creativity. Be early though, so that one could give a wider variety of their pies a try!