[CLOSED] Emack & Bolio’s (Jewel Changi Airport)

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Always wanted to try but been putting off the idea multiple times because of the price point. Saw that there was a shopback deal today so I went for it! AND I'M GLAD I DID. I loveeeee the ice cream! You can tell that it's quality ice cream because you can rly taste the milkiness and flavours without it being too sugary. There were also chunks of chocolates in the ice cream! Very decadent, but very yummy. The cone was okkkk, nothing to shout about but wasn't too shabby. Would probably try the marshmallow cones next time when I have more kcals to spare 🤫

Don't really find it special though. Bc I don't know what are they famous for hahaha. Just bought some random flavour to try. 🤣

Too full from dinner to have one of their fancy cones here, so I decided to go with a single scoop of their Chocolate Addiction here. Chocolate chunks were mixed among their rich creamy ice cream and I could almost feel an impending sore throat right after I finished this. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


11/10 ice cream. Second time here and I’m gna have this for dessert every time at Jewel from now on!! Space cake flavour is bombz with cake batter ice cream and super generous chunks of red velvet cake 😋

Saw this everywhere on insta so had to try it 🍦 Emack and bolio’s Beantown buzz on a Oreo marshmallow cone (~$7+$3.50)
Beantown buzz was an espresso ice cream with cookie chunks and chocolate covered espresso beans, pretty good since the coffee flavouring slightly bitter and the chocolate was sweet. 🍫
Oreo marshmallow cone had more texture than taste, and it just tasted suuuuuper sweet, with the marshmallow taste overpowering the Oreo cookie 🍪
Overall thought it was a lil too pricey: although it’s good, at this price you could easily get a double scoop on a waffle 🤪


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We went there on a Saturday weekend and many flavours were unavailable. Decided to go with a fruity flavour— almond coconut and it was surprisingly nice. You can taste shreds of coconut flesh together with the almond. The almond adds a nice texture and nutty flavour to the ice cream. Was surprised to find bits of chocolate hidden in there! Oh, not to forget the fruity pebble cone! It’s very sweet and if you don’t have a sweet tooth just go with the usual waffle cone.

Conclusion: I don’t think that it’s worth the $10, especially the cone which costs $3. If you have extra room for desert, would advise you to try the Tokyo cheese factory sundae instead which is just right around the corner. Perhaps birds of paradise which is one level up is a better option too.