[CLOSED] Emperor Pot 皇帝锅

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Good food always comes with a price but not now, a 3-tier steamboat (comprising hotpot, bbq and steamer), all in one pot with 4 options of mouth-watering soup bases.

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Enjoy dining without burning a hole in your pocket, no membership required


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The first is, of course, the soup base, and the second, without doubt, is the quality of ingredients. Well, there's always a third...if you're a lazy bitch and wants someone to peel your prawns for you.
With four soups to choose from — we tried the tomato and chicken last night — and all house-made from scratch, we found ourselves a legit rendition opened by dear friends (level of biasness notwithstanding and unimportant either because legit) at a coffee shop along Jalan Besar. The tomato one started off mild but comes full circle with good well-rounded umami after some help from the seafood while the chicken soup is clean and with subtle sweetness towards the end of the palate.
For ingredients, you start with a base set of either seafood which is the one seen here or a combination of seafood and meat or the vegetarian option which is cutely named Empress' Garden. There are three ways to cook them...you either cook them in the soup or you can also grill and steam them. And if you steam them, the flavours of the ingredients all go back into the soup. So much win.
Aside from the base set, other ingredients — more meat, more seafood, cheese-stuffed balls, luncheon meat, vegetables, et al — can be ordered ala carte. But there's this holy trifecta of bacon-wrapped enoki + cheese that is a must. It will be the answer to all your prayers. Ok, that's all.

Can't quite decide between steamboat & mookata? Get the best of both worlds here! Feast like royalty w this 3 tiered steamboat that compromises of the top layer steamer, middle layer hot plate & bottom layer steamboat! 😍 we chose the tangy sweet tomato soup base that was just perfect to slurp~ 🍅 Housed in a coffeeshop, this steamboat provides an array of ingredient selections (from your must-have cheese tofu, fish balls & crab sticks to the more exotic seafoods like crayfish & bamboo clams. Additionally, they provide an adequate selection of sauces. This place makes a great dinner spot for groups.


Situated in a little corner of the Kopitiam, the 3 tier hotpot is sooo interesting! Other than the 3 different set meal, they also have a wide variety of add-ons. We ordered the tomato soup based and I love it! 😋 .
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