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Chai Po (preserved radish) kway teow - a quintessential Teochew dish that’s uncommon at hawker centres. If you’re at Empress Road Market, why not try POH (01-89)? They whip up a very good version that has a lot wok hei - aromatic, burnt flavour.

Here the kway teow is fried in the wok at a very high heat that contributes to the wok hei flavour. Add in some sweet chai po, shrimp, spring onions,bean sprouts, a copious amount of lard and wrap it with some eggs - and it’s served. All this for $5.50.

What impressed me the most is the aromatic wok hei in the kway teow that you can even smell before opening the box (I had this as takeaway). And the fragrance of the crunchy, artery clogging lard added a good deal of taste to this dish. Complete with the amount of sweet chai po that again adds another dimension to this humble dish. All of these sounds unhealthy but it isn’t greasy or jelak (cloying) at all.

The wok is not an easy tool to be a master at. I’ll be back to try their prawn paste chicken and other creations.

Available for takeaway. Closed on Mondays.

This ‘mission’ brought me to Empress Place Food Centre, also known to many as Farrer Road Food Centre due to its prime location at the road with the same name.

But it is not as talk-about and may even miss it if you drive past. I wont’ be surprised if many of the younger Singaporeans have never heard of this food centre before.

Some of the stalls here include:
- Happy World Delicacy 好世界美食 for Roast Meats
- Ah Wing Wanton Mee
- Poh for Chye Poh Horfun
- Heng Heng Nasi Lemak 興興椰漿飯 - Fu Gui 富贵 for Fishball Meepok
- Bunga Raya Prata Hut
- Yu Kee House Of Braised Duck 友记卤鸭之家

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From Soh Food
Tender duck meat & salted vegetable, tomatoes.
Yummy with fluffy fragrant rice.


From Kuehs and Snacks.
Steamed pastries, soon kueh filled with ingredients.
Made by hand from age old recipes.


Poh's is one of the few stalls selling this rare teochew dish these days. Made of eggs, prawns and preserved radish and kway teow that are fried with high temperature and heat, compressed into omelette-like flatness. Crispy on the exterior, the insides are the delicious wok hei flavoured kway teow. This was quite oily when served, but I can't complain too much about an awesome hawker dish that is so rare these days.


Been wanting to try this old porridge stall, but it's completely average hahaha.