383 Jalan Besar
Kam Leng Hotel
Singapore 209001

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11:00am - 01:00am

11:00am - 01:00am

11:00am - 01:00am

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From the Burpple community

Don’t leave Enjoy Eating House and Bar without trying some of their signature desserts. A true decadence, the rich top-grade Mao Shan Wang coupled with refreshing coconut ice cream. Every spoonful was so rich in creamy durian as though eating the actual fruit itself, you know they aren’t lying to you.

An interesting creation was the chendol panda cotta, where this local dessert had its green pandan jelly noodles topped on a sweet coconut cream pudding, and drizzled with some sweet fragrant Gula Melaka. At some point, it satisfies the craving of this Italian dessert yet keeping the local-inspired flavour. With the silky cream pudding below, it’s not difficult to slurp the dessert down within a short period of time.

A safer option was the rockmelon sago. Classic combination of sweet rockmelon and sago in naturally-flavored fresh milk. As familiar as it is, nothing out of ordinary.


A whopping $18 for this seafood main but it’s also one that had my mind blown. Wrapped in a flower-shaped aluminium foil was some fresh mixed seafood stir-fried in their home-made spicy otah paste. You can expect some prawns, squid, fish slices, vegetables in it, but what was more unexpected were the coconut slices that were cooked together in the otah paste, something that we don’t come across commonly.

Having heard from a Thai colleague who was also present, adding coconut meat into an otah in Thai cuisine is in fact quite common. Interesting twist for me, as the coconut with its fruity creaminess stood out in this otah. Seafood was fresh, and the otah paste was reasonably spicy. Instead of serving a block of otah, the otah was mashed up and crumbled easily upon each scoop. Interesting mouthfeel as there’s no need for the usual firm bite.

Enjoy eating house and bar is a #burpplebeyond partner, imagine getting 2 seafood mains at the price of 1, how worthwhile it is!


Highly raved dish at Enjoy Eating House and Bar, I was curious to find out how tasty it was although I am usually not a fan of pig trotters.

Perhaps when Chef Joel inherited his late grandma’s secret recipe, he inherited the way to cook up a homely taste in his dishes as well, for that’s what I tasted exactly in this dish. Albeit a dish with few ingredients, the heartwarming feeling was clearly illustrated from the painstaking cooking process of the tender braised pig leg. Still slightly animalic to me personally, but balanced by the smoky wok hei as the pig leg was wok-fried with vermicelli that’s tossed in a rich essence of the broth. Served with kai lan and shiitake mushrooms. Possibly a dish that would evoke much memories.

Enjoy eating house and bar is a #burpplebeyond partner where you can enjoy 1-for-1 mains!

While his flavourful Grandma’s “Te Kah” Beehoon has been widely shared about; the Chef J’s Mee Kia was a real gem on his menu. Served with BBQ pork cheek, crab meat and truffle sousvide egg, this was 1 elevated and satisfying bowl of Mee Kia to recommend.
Again, we had his Brandy white fish soup which had a really comforting taste. Many more tasty dishes on the menu, some of which we tried before, that we would return for.

This dish definitely caught me by surprise. Having mistaken the fried hor fun for fried pig skin, I started asking “so where’s the fried hor fun?” 😂

It’s my first time coming across such a creation, as the usual crispy noodle would be made using ee mian. Interestingly, on its own, the fried hor fun was crispy yet airy, with a slight heavy taste of flour. But when dipped into the silky egg gravy, it absorbs pretty well and turns really flavourful. Other than the generous amount of vegetable, shiitake mushrooms, prawns and pork slices, there’s also the usual stir-fried hor fun hidden underneath, in a bowl full of wok hei.

Enjoy your mains at the price of 1-for-1 at Enjoy Eating House and Bar with #burpplebeyond!


This dish is super shiok. Cooked in a much-loved chilli crab sauce with swirls of eggs, sweet chilli and ketchup, these giant prawns are full of fresh, succulent sweetness. Located within the vintage boutique Kam Leng Hotel, you get to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere in the hustle and bustle of Jalan besar area. Most importantly, ultra good tze char.