ENTRE-NOUS is a traditional Brittany creperie opened in 2008. All the crepes can be made of buckwheat flour for gluten free intolerance or wheatflour (certified organic from Britany) and salted baratte butter is used to cook them on the spot on special pans called ‘Biligs” from Brittany with an extensive list of homemade fillings to choose from. You can accompagny your meal with imported artisanal French apple ciders from Brittany served in the traditional “bolee”.

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Thought that the chocolate ice cream and chocolate crepe combination was quite an overkill. 🙊

A hunt for authentic crepes led me to the quaint restaurant specialized in crepes of a wonderful assortment from savory to sweet. Smoked salmon and sour cream, being safe options for all things sandwichy were nothing of special mention but the buckwheat crepe had a unique earthy and nutty flavor which served as a special base for the otherwise boring toppings. $20.90 for a crepe was a little expensive though but for a taste of authentic crepe with apple cider (top with a pretty french waitress!) was a pleasant experience after a hectic day of work. :)

It took some courage for me to dine alone at this quaint restaurant with no customers but the quest for good crêpes overcame that uncertainty. And I wasn't wrong about this place. The buckwheat crêpe was done perfectly; crispy on outside while springy inside. The cheesy mushrooms filling was light and velvety. Their refreshing smoothie ($8.50+) was blended on the spot using banana, apple and a hint of salted butter caramel. Can't wait to go back for their sweet crêpes! 😄

By mere chance, I discovered a quaint little French Creperie on Seah Street, which claims to serve authentic French crepes from Brittany. They offer both sweet and savory crepes; the sweet ones made from organic wheat flour are thin, dense and eggy while the savory ones made from buckwheat are glutton-free and crispy.
I have not tried the French crepes in France so I'm not the best person to tell you if they are indeed authentically French. But I can tell you that this crepe was so good, I was planning my second visit as I finished the crepe.
The sweet crepe was nicely chewy and consistent in both thickness and texture. And though the generous topping of homemade chocolate sauce looked as though it might induce a sugar coma, it wasn't overly sweet and was actually very addictive.
Lastly, the scoop of homemade coconut sherbet deserves a special mention. Like most good coconut ice cream, this one is very rich, creamy and not too sweet. But what sets it apart is the textured mouthfeel you get because of the addition of shredded coconut.
Btw, I also tried their homemade caramel butter crepe, which is definitely worth a try as well. Now sit down, relax and enjoy your crepes. They are expensive but they are so good, I think they are worth it!
P/S This place accepts only cash and charges SGD 1+ per glass of iced water.
Entre Nous
27 Seah Street 01-01
Tue to Fri: 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Sat: 11am to 10pm
Sun: 11am to 6pm
Closed on Mon
6333 4671

I swear this place needs more love! I love French buckwheat crepes filled with savory goodness! I ordered stephan's favorite that consists of roasted chicken with Caramelised onions and mustard in a buckwheat crepe. Very home cooked style kind of French food and not overly expensive. Come here to make all your crepe dreams come true! Will come back to try their sweet crepes next time!

Still our go-to place when we need our fix of crepes. i had the cider for a start, a l'ile aux moines (roquefort, chives and walnuts) as my main and a salted caramel crepe with apple slices and ice cream for dessert. Delish.

Entre-Nous Creperie specialises in sweet and savoury crepes (galettes) from Brittany. Opened by a French couple, you can be sure you're going to get excellent crepes here. Opt for wheat or buckwheat crepes, with the latter having an earthier, nuttier taste. A safe option for a savoury crepe would be the Ham & Mushroom ($15.40) or Stephan's Favourite ($20.20), which has chunks of roast chicken, wholegrain mustard and sweet caramelised onions. Make space for the sweet ones like Faustine's Favourite ($14.90), topped with coconut, homemade chocolate sauce and coconut sorbet, or the foolproof Entre-Nous ($9) drizzled in their heavenly homemade salted butter caramel.

This cafe specializes in all things crepe, which is a speciality of Brittany, northeastern France! There are so many options here, from sweet and savory. •

For those who are wheat intolerant, fear not, this place has buckwheat crepes! My sis had the buckwheat option of Faustine's Favourite ($14.90), which comes with coconut, homemade chocolate sauce and coconut sorbet. •

I had Geraldine's Favourite ($14.90), with their signature salted butter caramel, cooked apples and vanilla ice cream. I really loved the caramel but the vanilla ice cream tasted weird. •

Lastly, dad had Stephan's Favourite ($14.90), served with banana, homemade chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream.

The crepe was not so crispy, that was a bit disappointing. But taste was good. I like the Frenchy ambience there.

Within the thin and slightly crisp buckwheat crepe were chunks of roast chicken pieces, wholegrain mustard and sweet caramelised onions. If you are comfortable with a dryish sort of filling, this is actually quite appetising. It's served with a small bowl of salad.

Why not venture beyond the usual soft, eggy crepe and give the healthier Brittany-style one a try? Owned by a French couple, this little restaurant has been around for about six years. Their menu consists primarily of thin, slightly crisp buckwheat crepes served with a variety of homemade sweet or savoury fillings.
Using only organic, gluten-free wheat flour, the crepes themselves have what I'd describe as a light earthy and nutty flavour. Hence, they are assertive enough to hold their own against rich fillings.
One fine example is the delightful "La Ouessant" pictured above ($21.10 before service charge). I thought the filling of Emmental cheese, ham, mushroom in cream sauce and egg (either sunny-side-up or scrambled) paired remarkably well with the crepe.
If you prefer a more substantial bite, just ask to switch your crepe to the thicker and softer "galette" instead.

Then head down to Entre-nous Creperie along Seah Street. Brought me straight back to Montparnasse, Paris!

I met my first crepe when I was 15 at a joint called La Creperie at Far East Plaza. Just a couple of bus-stops from school, it became a favorite afternoon hangout - for $3, we could get a banana-Nutella crepe (early 1990s, if you must know). It was run by a local lady named Zaza married to a Frenchman, who cooked crepes on a billig in a nondescript corner of the mall. A year later, he was no longer around and Zaza had turned the space into a boutique. My love for crepes stuck around, however, and the affair continued at another La Creperie, this one in Chicago, when I was in college. There's nothing shocking about the fact that I have spent five days in Bretagne for the sole purpose of eating crepes in its birthplace (also for Cancale, kingdom of all French oysters), and upon my return, absolutely had to discover true crepes in Singapore. That means buckwheat galettes, and only Emmental for cheese. Entre-nous, with Mont Saint-Michel watercolorson the wall and Val de Rance ciders on the sideboard is the real thing; the only missing ingredient is andouille de guememe, but that's a very tall order for any creperie outside of Bretagne. I like my galettes simple, because I whole-heartedly enjoy the earthy, bold flavors of buckwheat - to that, add sparkling tomatoes, eggs scrambled with flair, aromatic olive oil and herbs from Provence topping it all as distinctively as un beret sur la tete for an unflappable square meal. It's a sliver of a space, as creperies tend to be (as if taking on the dimensions of their eponymous product), and the menu is cute in naming dishes and beverages after members of the family and tempting with various gastronomique sets. Price: $14.90 to have your French pancake and eat it very well, too.

Emmental cheese and ham buckwheat Crepes. Check out latest post at www.dairycream.blogspot.sg now for authentic French Crepes in Singapore :) Bon Appetit !

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