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[CLOSED] ERGON Deli + Cafe

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * ERGON promotes the hearty Mediterranean gastronomy with a handpicked selection of premium quality Greek products, artisanal coffees and broad variety of foods.


From the Burpple community

ERGON Cafe + Deli serves an awesome lunch specials where you can have a taste of Greek cuisine for just $14 and there is also a retail space that stocks many delicious-sounding Greek produce. Please read my review at

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Ordered a grilled octopus and hummus on sourdough toast. Healthy and tasty!

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Back at Ergon for a quick bite. Decided to try the pastrami on toast this time - another of their best selling toast items. A toasted slice of sourdough loaded with a sweet pepper spread, slices of pastrami and salami and topped with 2 fried eggs. Really tasty but sits on the slightly greasiest side from all the meat oils. I think the octopus on hummus is still my fave.

Also pinched a bite of the apaki smoked pork + feta cream cheese (in the background) and I loved the cheese!

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Guaranteed to keep you full for hours, this features two poached eggs on a large sesame seed pretzel (known in Greek as "Koulouri") and loads of thick, creamy, cool Greek yogurt. Lashings of extra virgin olive oil, a splash of spicy oil and masses of chopped chives oomphs up the dish wonderfully.
You have to appreciate the chewiness of a good pretzel to enjoy this. And that, I definitely do.


Both pleasing on the eyes and the tummy. The grilled octopus was beautifully grilled, with great bite without being rubbery. I actually didn't eat it with the (also very tasty) hummus on sourdough toast because I'm a creature of saving the best for last. It's a shame this was only one octopus leg. I need more.


This delicious dip has been one of my faves since the days of poor student life, buying late night discounted taramasalata & carrot sticks. Thankfully this was so much better. 😂 The taramasalata was smooth, smoky, fishy and so so so good. Also comes with toasty pita bread. More please! 👍🏼

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