More Reviews at Escape Restaurant & Lounge

More Reviews of good food at Escape Restaurant & Lounge

This burger was not very special with its small patty. However, it was bursting with flavour from its overflowing rendang sauce and had fries that were nicely thick and crispy.

The menu claimed the shortrib was supposed to be caramelised but I didn't find it caramelised at all! The meat did come off the ribs easily but the meat wasn't very tender either. At least the rice was quite fragrant with its perankan-style flavouring and colouring.

The soup had a strong crab flavour while remaining rich and thick with a full flavour profile. It went well with the cripsy wonton in the middle of the bowl.

The lamb shank was quite huge and grandly plated, but it was not very tender inside -- it was quite hard to carve the meat off the bone. What was good was the silky mashed potato, crispy fried kale, and the thick and tasty sauce.

Ayam masak merah, black pepper prawns, biryani, prata, butter chicken. The butter chicken was reliable as with most butter chicken. The prata was surprisingly decent for a restaurant.

They suddenly appeared on our table. Probably those complimentary one servings.

On the left is my new favourite British food (not that there are many good options): fisherman's pie. Why isn't this more common? Fish, prawns and some veggies are baked in cream sauce and cheese. No pastry in this pie though. The rest on my plate are (clockwise) fish curry, vegetarian udon and smoked salmon.

The restaurant has a nice ambience, service was good and the food was decent and fresh. Love the Sashimi, Lamb and Beef !

Went for the dinner buffet with the Eatigo deal. I felt that the spread spectacular for the price that I was paying. Definitely can be better.

Amazing roasted Tomahawk and Wagyu served at the buffet!! They did such an amazing job roasting the meat such that it’s still tender and juicy!


Happening Today !!!
Get hooked on seafood as @onefarrerhotelandspa presents a smorgasbord of fresh succulent seafood for dinner this May, featuring an extensive variety of international and local epicurean delights.
Dive into the abundance of the ocean with a tempting selection of 11 varieties of ocean gems on ice such as Fresh Seasonal New Zealand & Canada Oysters, Chilled Lobsters, Snow Crabs, Australian Yabbies, Half Shell Sea Scallops, Sweet Sea Prawns and more.
Complete your hearty feast with underwater-themed desserts intricately designed by our pastry team such as Star Fish Glazed Cream Puff, Life Buoyant Donut, Turtle on Sandy Beach Apple Crumble and Mini Sea Shell Madelaines.
Adults : $78++
Children : $39++ ( aged 5 to 11 years old)
Friday, 4th May to Sunday, 3rd June 2018.
With every four diners, enjoy the spread at a promotional price of S$280++ inclusive of a complimentary glass of housepour wine per diner (total value worth of S$372++)
For wine lovers, purchase a bottle of Vino Tobia Red or White with every two diners and stand to win a 1 night stay in our Villa worth more than S$1,500!
📍 One Farrer Hotel & Spa
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562

@onefarrerhotelandspa now offer a sumptuous spread of fresh seafood to wok-fried seafood dishes!

Dig into the 11 types of ocean gems on ice such as fresh seasonal New Zealand & Canada oysters, chilled lobsters, snow crabs, half shell sea scallops and many more. Or head over to their wok-fried counters filled with delicious dishes like black pepper crayfish and chilli crab with fried mantou. And don’t miss their live action station where Chef prepares the drunken prawns with Chinese Hua Tiao wine!

From 4 May to 3 June 2018, it is available for dinner daily at S$78++ for adults or $39++ for children (aged between 5 to 11 years old).
Plus with every four diners, enjoy the spread at a promotional price of S$280++ inclusive of a complimentary glass of housepour wine per diner (total value worth of S$372++)

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Expect all things red, white and blue from the Star-Spangled nation such as the fusion-themed Pizza Burger, Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs that finger-licking good, Chicken and Beef Fajitas for that Tex-Mex flavour and even Maki Donuts. Food Street Dollars are available for sale from now onwards at $20 per booklet.

I will be giving away 5 booklets to 5 lucky winners to enjoy at the All-American Food Street. All you have to do is to like this post, follow @onefarrerhotelandspa & @juliuslim and tag a friend at the comments section below. Contest ends on 25 March 2359hrs and winners will be notified on the collection details at the Food Street Ticketing Counter.
Escape Restaurant & Lounge
Address: 1, Farrer Park Station Road, One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore 217562


Chinese New Year gives me another reason to indulge in afternoon tea buffets like this. Tucked away in One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Escape offers a variety of local flavours inspired desserts and pastries at its Petit Partea Weekend Afternoon Tea from 3-5pm. Other than a hot red bean soup and 2 fried items including the chicken karaage which was really crispy, there was also a chocolate fondue station with marshmallows and fruits but not really to my liking, orange in colour but tasted like white chocolate. Another DIY station was the yoghurt and ice cream station, along with various chocolate toppings.

What appealed to me were the local desserts creations. Served in glass shots, the durian pengat was a thick luscious combination of durian flesh and coconut milk. Albeit the sensation of gobbling a mouthful of the durian itself, it was a little too sweet for my liking; also there was the soya grass jelly and cheng tng pudding that I really liked, kinda unique to eat cheng tng in a solid form with so much ingredients, just that it was overly sweet again. Gui ling gao was good, and you could help yourself to the honey to go along.

Best dessert of the day had to be the Durian Cream Puff, which had a fragrant durian cream hidden in the soft pastry with a crust like the bo lo bun, sinks into teeth with each bite; The tarts were well-baked with a biscuity base, but the durian crumble flavour wasn't intense enough. The sea salt nutella tart on the other hand had a very dense filling, that had its saltiness to tone down the sweetness of Nutella; The bite-sized Bak Kwa madeleine was a hit, fusing savory bak kwa bits into the sweet buttery madeleines, somewhat like the Char Siew scones that were also served. Preferred the madeleines though, as the scones were a tad too dry; Finally, the rainbow cake was average.

1-for-1 CNY lunch and dinner buffets also available till 2nd march on @chopesg.

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The Christmas feasting begins at Escape Restaurant & Lounge as they will be preparing a lineup of local and international cuisine this Yuletide season. Besides the hot and cold stations, there’s also a live cooking and meat carving station to satisfy all the carnivores with the assorted Christmas meats. People with sweet tooth will not be left out as there is an array of dessert creations to fill up your tummies after the mains. This festive spread will start from 15 November all the way till 1 January next year. Prices start from $62++ for lunch, $75++ for weekday dinner and $78++ for weekend/public holiday.
Escape Restaurant & Lounge
Address: 1, Farrer Park Station Road, One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore 217562


Escape Restaurant & Lounge is running a DAILY promo (yes, including Saturdays and Sundays) where you pay $45++ for a 300g steak + 1 side + free flow of 8 types of wines. The default side is grilled potatoes but you can change to truffle fries at no extra charge (and you should). There was an option of another side but I forgot which cause truffle fries. hahaha

I ordered my steak medium rare and was a bit sceptical cause it usually turns out more rare that expected at most mid range steakhouses. So I was pleasantly surprised when it did come relatively medium rare. Relatively cause some parts were still a but tok rare and tasted like rubber. Overall the steak was succulent with little to no marbling. The only other place offering steak with free flow wine, Opus Bar & Grill, definitely has better quality steak but you'd be spending closer to $70+ each there. For $45++ ($53 nett) this was a steal.

The wines here were of pretty good quality too, although i was disappointed that they only had Merlot and 2 types of Pinot Noirs for their reds (they ran out of Shiraz..) WSET Level 1 Wine Appreciator Keefe knows (and you should too!) that you need to pair steak with a strong bodied red wine so the richly flavoured steak does not make your wine taste like water. Fortunately the Merlot was rather medium bodied so it was still not too bad.

Overall you can't get a better deal than $53 for steak and free flow wine lah. You just can't. Unlike Opus Bar & Grill they don't have a time limit of 2hrs for your free flow (albeit they are quite lenient with the time limit), so you can pretty much stay here and sip 4 types of red, 3 types of white and 1x rose wine the whole damn night. Promotion is only valid till end of the month so what are you waiting for? Damn it they should pay me for this post....

$18++ hi-tea buffet at a 5-star hotel?! Yes it exists and it's just 5 mins away from Farrer Park MRT! While I was a little disappointed with the spread (an online video showcased way more food) and the taste of certain items, I was very pleased with the serene ambience and warm service.

Savoury items include a few sandwiches and fried finger food (of which the prawn twister is yums), while some of the more notable desserts are: bak kwa madeleines (I recommend eating them with the cacao nibs they are placed on because the slight bitterness gives a good balance to the sweet & savoury chunks of pork in a dense, buttery cake), soy pudding with grass jelly, salted Nutella tart (although the nutella cream on top is too much) and durian crumble tart (man the crumble topping is just exceptional - super crunchy and buttery-fragrant!).

I was looking forward to the char siew scones but sadly they are on a rotational basis with the bak kwa madeleines. I was also pretty excited to try the durian cheesecake and durian pengat, but both weren't up to my expectations as the former had a really bad biscuit crust whereas the latter was too watery.

All in all, I loved how Petit Partea offered a range of bite-sized hand-crafted pastries and desserts with a local twist and at an affordable price! Would want to return again for their buffet lunch/dinner!


Join us on 23 June (Fri) & 24 June (Sat) to taste mouth-watering dishes from One Farrer Hotel’s Food Street! Featuring Hong Kong Curry Noodle, Korea Chicken Bulgogi Shawarma, Crayfish Crispy Noodles, Thai Duck Julienne Som Tham Crepes, signature “Wok Hei” Tai Lor Mee & many more! .
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Have you ever been to a buffet that served orh lua? And cooked freshly on the spot too! With just the right proportion of egg and oyster, this dish was the highlight of the buffet.

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My personal favourite has to be the murtabak (because of the 3-coloured capsicum so colourful!!) & mainly because it was made-to-order! 😍 The ice kachang was a winner as well, so clever to put the ingredients on TOP! (Since normally it's at the bottom..) .
Many thanks to @mightyfoodie for letting me win the giveaway!! What a wonderful way to spend the weekends after a tough week! ☺️

Didn't expect $20 to get us so many yums (to fill 2 bellies). I'm actually still quite sick but acting healthy as if I only focus on eating & eating my whole life, ahhh nvm eat first worry later 😅