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From Darul Aman Nasi Padang.
Set 1 & Add chicken wing $5 only.
Tasty lontong curry, savoury sweet liver, decent texture on deep fried wings.

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There are three stalls specialising in kacang pool and this stall is arguably the best of the lot! I filmed a video review of the stall. Watch it here:

From Deli Snacks 德利食 #01-28
These only 80 cents each.
On top was butterfly, salted (swirl pattern) & red bean (sesame seed).

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From 广东粥品 Pork Porridge $2.80 only.
Smooth comforting texture, quite a classic indeed.


Only $3 for such a huge portion.
Very nostalgic taste and a good balance of sweet and savoury for the black one. It’s recommended to know your order before queuing!

What’s really nice about this is the extra fried onions that he layers at the bottom of the plate before he dishes it out.

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From SJ Sickander Ammal, 2 egg prata (crisp surface), side served portion of mutton curry consisted 2 cubes of carrot, 2 cubes of potato & cut egg plant.
Only for $3, yummy!

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