This S$14.00 dessert had wowed me in three ways:

🍰 The cheesecake might have been more aptly classified as a tart instead of a cheesecake, because the usual cheesecake base was, instead, a large tart shell.

🍨 The “cake” was already in a melting state when served, just like how ice cream would appear when left at room temperature. However, it was not ice cream, but more like the creamy state of the dessert. And it really explained why a tart shell was used: just so to contain the runny cream.

🧀 Blue cheese was added to this cheesecake to add an extra savoury aftertaste, but because it was runny, that made me conquer it non-stop.

It wasn’t just unique; it’s also an excellent dessert to go with a bottle of wine!