We decided not to be mainstream today and we didn't get the flavours that we usually get (and are really popular), including the roasted pistachio and the salted caramel flavours. Instead, we decided to try two flavours that we haven't tried before: the rum & raisin and ispahan flavours!

The rum & raisin did not have as much alcoholic taste as we would have liked, although the raisins were surprisingly sweet and packed a really strong alcoholic punch at the same time. Eat the rum & raisin scoop quickly because it melts really fast!

The ispahan flavour was really interesting and it is a blend of rose, lychee and raspberry flavours! The taste reminded us of bandung though, because the taste of rose dominates the other tastes, and the lychee flavour was really subtle.

Pretty worth it for $7.60 and certainly an eye-opening experience (especially the ispahan flavour). 😋😋