It's been hard to move on from e品红麻辣香锅 whenever in AMK after the boy had me try it last year 😂 At AMK S-11 Blk 711 is where the boy's been enjoying Mala Xiang Guo for years. Like the quintessential Ma La joint, they charge by weight.
Thoroughly stir-fried ingredients consistently balances with spices and herbs, drawing out piquant flavours. Tossing in heaping spoonfuls of 🥜 just before passing over the bowl I can't not love them for. We don't mind the sinful grease but you could always ask for less. We always go with a medium spicy, sometimes pairing with 🍚 and a drink (from the lemon tea uncle 😅) because it's rather salty savoury. Triple spicy is explosive! 🔥🌶🔥

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