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Situated strategically along the stretch of bars & other watering holes stretching towards Clarke Quay, Sun King Ryoriya doesn’t just capitalise upon the multitude of Japanese residents livin’ in the ‘hood, it preys upon alcoholics staggering around in search of some sustenance.

As @veronicaphua put it succinctly: Sun King does Taiwanese classics, but in Japanese style. One example would be their signature pork belly with garlic sauce ($20++, small). It’s a simple dish of thinly sliced poached pork belly jazzed up with a little garlic sauce. Even though the pork belly is simply boiled, there is no offensive odour, and the pork is tastefully tender with just that little bit of firmness to give pleasure to the chew.

The garlic sauce is Sun King’s rendition of the traditional garlic sauce with a Japanese flair to it. It’s a little chili oil, garlic oil and god knows what else mixed together, but the end result is undeniably umami. Plus, it’s a rather aesthetic dish, so your camera can tuck in too.