Most of the people might be very familiar with the famous ba chor mee or mee sua at the corner of south beach road across clarke quay, used to be one of the supper spots option after drinking. But it is also a breakfast option (which is when I went for!)

If you had not know, the OG mee sua stall has actually changed hands a few times. The current one I had is still reasonably good. Their mee pok is springy, good amount of vinegar and pork lard (not that I eat) but good enough when it soaks in the gravy adding extra flavors to it. They are very generous with their noodles and soup ingredients portion. There were good amount of pork slices, fishball, meatball, pork liver, fish paste dumpling and generous amount of minced meat.

All that for about $6-$6.50. It’s a decent enough bowl of noodles to start your day!